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Leadership Styles

No description

ronald marin

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Styles

Bureaucratic Leadership Style
Democratic Leadership Style

-Rely on threats and punishment to influence employees
-Do not trust employees
- Effective supervision
- limited time to make a decision

Strictly follow the rules and
make sure that everything
you do its followers is accurate

the team leader acts as a couch the leader gathers information from staff employees are trusted team spirit employees evaluate their performance employees are encouraged to get promoted achievements are recognized
produces hi quality and hi quantity
participative encourages employees all group make part on decisions informed employees share responsibilities
It is not recommended for unskilled people employees can take unethical advantage for their own benefits.must not be used solving problems
-only be governed by the policies of the company
-conform to the rules, the respect and enforce
- Authority
- Always follows the same routine

-Employees are performing routine tasks over and over.

-Employees need to understand certain standards or procedures.

-Employees are working with dangerous or delicate equipment that requires a definite set of procedures to operate.

-Safety or security training is being conducted.


-Work habits form that are hard to break, especially if they are no longer useful.

-Employees lose their interest in their jobs and in their fellow workers.

-Employees do only what is expected of them and no more.
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