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Biography of Yu Kwan-Sun

No description

Nicole Song

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Biography of Yu Kwan-Sun

Yu Kwan-Sun travelled from village to village to get support, and she greatly helped to encourage others in her country.
March 1st Independence Movement
Yu Kwan-Sun participated in peaceful rallies in Seoul along with some other Ewha high school students, and helped to organize a rally in her hometown sometime later.
Early Years
Yu Kwan-Sun was born on March 15, 1904 in Byeongcheon, Korea. When she was only twelve years old, she went to the Ewha Hakdang High School, and she studied much harder than the other students. She was one of the earliest women to go to college.
On March 1st, 1919 large crowds participated in the protest against the Japanese rule. Although Yu Kwan-Sun played a very large role, this movement was not organized by her alone. She was only 18, and she was a very brave girl who contributed greatly to the Independence Movement. She was among the few woman leaders in Korea at that time.
Biography of
Yu Kwan-Sun

By: Nicole Song
This was Yu Kwan-Sun's former school, now called Ewha Girls High School.
During this time, the Japanese closed all middle schools and high schools temporarily. Nationalism, which is a bitter feeling towards the Japanese, was rising in Korea.
Korean women marching during the March 1st Movement.
Yu Kwan-Sun's childhood house was burned down in 1919, but it was reconstructed in 1991.
Aunae Marketplace Rally
When Yu Kwan-Sun arrived home from Seoul, she told her family about the independence rally in Seoul and in other places of the country. She wanted the to work for the independence in Cheonan too. They decided to organize a rally that would be a help in the Aunae Marketplace in Byeongcheonmyeon on April 1, 1919.
Before the night of the rally, she lit a fire on the top of Mount Maebong to gather people join the rally
About 3,000 people participated in the rally. During the rally, the Japanese military opened a fire on the crowd, killing 19 and wounding 30 of them seriously. Among the 19 that were killed were Yu Kwan-Sun' father and mother.
When she complained to the authorities that she should be able to demonstrate, she was arrested by the Cheonan Japanese police.
Yu Kwan-Sun began to serve her prison sentence in Gongju prison, but her prison sentence was later reduced to three years and was reassigned to Seodaemun prison in Seoul.

Seodaemun Prison
Imprisonment, Torture and Death
In prison, she demonstrated the first anniversary of the March 1st Movement with the prisoners
Due to her rebellion, the authorities tortured her. Yu Kwan-Sun died on sept 28 1920 at the age of 17.
She was buried in a public cemetery in Itaewon Seoul.

How Yu Kwan-Sun Contributes to Korea's History
Yu Kwan-Sun will always be remembered as a brave, young girl who spoke up for Korea's freedom. She contributed significantly to the Independence movement against Japan. At only 16 years old, she did everything she could to gain rights and give people hope, and she will always be remembered for her role in Korea's history
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