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Asia Pacific Activism and Youth Coordinator

Brief explanation of the responsibilities of the Asia Pacific Activism and Youth Coordinator

Clara Fok

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Asia Pacific Activism and Youth Coordinator

...of regional activism and youth projects

At the moment, this is mostly around Global Campaigns but we could explore regional opportunities.
what does the
asia pacific
activism & youth coordinator

...s/s in their activism and youth work (greater priority if greater demand!)

This includes:
Strategies for activism, participation of youth, rights holders, and partners
Capacity building for campaigning, activism, and participation of activists, youth, rights holders, and partners
Develop methodologies, tools, techniques and frameworks for all of the above
...led by the Activism and Youth Unit (based in London) on a global scale
Global Activism Skillshare

Virtual induction modules

Activism Multiversity - creating opportunities for activism innovation, peer to peer sharing, ongoing learning opportunities, creative labs etc
East Asia Regional Office

16/F, Siu On Centre
188 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
S/s requests support to develop an activism strategy to work with rights holders for the Stop Governments Torturing campaign

Organize virtual skillshares on working with rights holders in Asia Pacific

Develop a framework for youth participation in My Body My Rights
Young AI My Body My Rights activists in Asia Pacific advocate at the Commission on Status of Women.

S/s collaborate on key activism moments, such as June 26 International Day in Support of Victims of Torture or International Youth Day

email: cfok@amnesty.org
phone: +852 3963 7113
skype: clarafok


As part of the global IS restructure (better known as 'Moving Closer to the Ground'), there are two regional Activism and Youth Coordinators outside of London, one based in Johannesburg, and the other in Hong Kong.

Clara was skillsmatched to this job in August and started on 1 September 2013.

Her role covers the entire Asia Pacific - everything activism and youth - and here are three broad areas: 1) Coordination of regional activism and youth work; 2) Support sections in their activism and youth work; 3) Global projects led by Activism and Youth Unit.

International Youth Strategy
Download here http://bit.ly/1hjG6Yv

Seven Points for Effective Activism
Download here http://bit.ly/1fDIpoC

Active Participation Wiki
Access here http://bit.ly/1bPrJZL

Activism Wiki
Access here http://bit.ly/1caP7U9

From the East Asia Regional Office (formerly known as the Asia Pacific Regional Office or APRO or HK Pathfinder or HK Hub), Clara will lead a project specifically on capacity building on campaigning, activism, and digital campaigning.

We are not really sure what this project will look like yet, but one thing we are really sure of is we'd like to try our best to make this as useful as possible for s/s.

We would really like to have conversations with you in the new year to see this project can best support you.
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