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Pitch For a New Music Magazine

This is my pitch for a new music magazine to be introduced.

Jessie Sun

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Pitch For a New Music Magazine

Media Pitch Masthead Ideas: Target Audience Audience Reader Profile Advertisements Female: 63% Median age: 19 ABC1: 60% 14-24 year olds Male: 37% Subculture: Otaku Music Taste: J-pop and J-rock Main Splash Article Ideas Layout Ideas: Main Cover Image Ideas My Model: Costume: White wig, black circle lenses, white ruffled blouse, tartan skirt, knee high black socks, and big chunky black head phones. (Aim is to look
almost cartoon-like) Main Cover Image Ideas: Main Splash Article Ideas: Ellie dreams of traveling to Japan, even at the mere age of sweet sixteen years old.

However those dreams are quite far-fetched, as she spends most of her time blasting music from her laptop, belting out japanese lyrics she doesn't even understand.

Out and about, she'll take every opportunity to crack out her Iphone and watch an anime episode.
As a young girl she loves to spend, spend, spend, her money; clothes; shoes; make-up... Her love for Japan and all of it's culture had blossomed from her love of anime, so most of the things she does buy work towards cosplays to wear at the next anime convention in London, where she can parade around as Hatsune Miku (a Vocaloid), eat strawberry pocky and dance all night on Dance Dance Revolution to sickly sweet J-pop. Colour Schemes Price + Frequency The magazine will target a local audience - specifically London. Magazine Ideal Reader Idea 1 - "New Vocaloid on the scene"
An interview with the seiiyu (voice actor) who provides the voice for the new Vocaloid. (Name to be decided)
(Vocaloids are synthetic singers, for example: Hatsune Miku.) Idea 2 - An interview with a new pop idol in Japan, commenting about her new music video being filmed in Britain, hence the "British" inspired costume worn on the main cover image. This is because it's a niche audience, and London is a popular location for otakus and gamers to gather for "London Expo", a convention people can attend to meet other people with similar interests. Other Content Ideas Model for other content: Idea 1 for other content - "Lead singer of popular J-pop band [insert name here] goes solo!" Idea 2 for other content - "Top ten tunes of the month!" (obviously J-pop/J-rock related) Idea 3 for other content - "Exclusive: life in the shoes of a J-pop star!" Estimated Price: £4.99 Released monthly. Published on glossy good quality paper. More content within. Culture surrounding J-pop/J-rock is like a hobby, albeit an expensive one. Higher ABC1 percentage, so the audience can afford this amount. Medium Close Up Long Shot Mid Shot Variety of ideas for poses: (Geared towards Vocaloid article) (Both geared towards pop idol article)
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