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Pioneers of Educational Psychology

No description

Büşra Mert

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Pioneers of Educational Psychology

Wilhelm Wundt
John Dewey (Pragmatism)
One of the founders of functional psychology
Progressive psychology is important for him.
His grave is in the university campus.
His ideas for education:
1-Education and learning are social and interactive process.
2-All students should take part in their own learning.
3- Importance of education is not only as a place to gain knowledge but also as a place to learn how to
4-The purpose of education should be the realization of students full potential and ability to use that potential.
5-In order for education to be most effective,content must be presented in the way that allows the student
to relate the information to prior experiences.
6-Teacher shouldn't be one to stand in front of the class doing out bits of information to be absorbed,by passive students instead the teachers role should be facilitator and guide.
7-Teacher becomes a partner in the learning process,guiding students to independently discover meaning the subject area.
Edward Thorndike
William James
Pioneers of Educational Psychology
He established first laboratory of psychology in New York (the same date as wundt)
His most famous students are John Dewey and Thorndike.
He tried to apply the outcomes of psychological theories into education
He is the father of modern educational psychology.
His famous theory is law of effect; the behavior which follows positive outcome(satisfaction comes just after success)
He was a pioneer of not only in behaviorism and in studying learning,but also in using animals in psychological experiments.
He showed that the speed of learning declines with age,not the power of learning.
He was one of the pioneers of 'active learning'
He emphasized that rewards is much more effective motivator than punishment.
Thorndike identified the three main areas of intellectual development.
abstracts intelligence
: the process and under different concepts.
mechanical intelligence
:to handle physical objects.
social intelligence:
to handle human interaction.

He is the founder of experimental psychology.
By constructing the first laboratory in psychology, caused psychology to be a separate science from philosophy and also psychology was accepted as a science.
He studied sensation and perception
He did many experimental researches and observable behaviors.
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