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Copy of Chapter 17: Training for Self-Government(1907-1921)

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Kenneth John Gaoiran

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chapter 17: Training for Self-Government(1907-1921)

Chapter 17:
Training for Self-Government (1907-1921)

Civil Service
Civil Service Act
•passed in 1900
•all government employees shall be placed under the administrative control of the Bureau of Civil Service
•merit system
•Individual qualities and abilities counts for promotion
Government Reorganization
Philippine Commission
•Lawmaking Body during the early years of the American Occupation
•Passed the Municipal Code Act

Municipal Code Act
•administers the following officials

Qualified Voters
•resided within the municipality for at least 6 months
•held a position in town government during spanish period
•owned a property worth PHP500.00
•paid taxes worth PHP30.00 a year
Jones Law
•Stated in the Preamble that the Philippines would be granted independence "as soon as a stable government be established therein"
•It was the 1st indication by the American Government of a desire to make the Philippines an independent country.
Important Provisions
•Government was to have three branches -

•Headed by governor general who was to be appointed by the president of United Stated

Bill of Rights
•This provision enumerated the civil rights of the Filipino people
Filipinization Under Harisson
•Philippines for the Filipinos
•Municipal and Provincial government were placed in the hands of Filipinos
•Central or National Governent also taken by republican administrators
•The number of Filipinos in the Philippine Commision was increased from three to five.
•To Harrison belonged the honor of rapidly filipinizing the government
•Filipino proved themselves competent to run their government
Training for Self-Government
Employment of Filipinos
•Three Filipinos were appointed to the commission
•Trinidad Parde de Tavera
•Jose Luzuriaga
•Benito Legarda
•Added by Francis Burton Harrison
•Rafael Palma
•Jaime de Veyra
•Victorino Mapa
•Vicente Ilustre
•Vicente Singson Encarnacion
The Harrison Appointment
•Harrison was known to be sympathetic to Filipino aspirations
•Harrison's appointment as governor general was hailed by the Filipino political leaders as a wise move on the part of President Wilson
•Philippine Legislature under Jones Law was inaugurated in manila on October 16, 1916.
•They could pass laws subject to the vetoes of the American Governor-General and the U.S President.
Council of State
•Composed of the Governor-General acting as Chairman, Speaker of the House, The senate President, and the members of the Cabinet.
•The Composition of Council was predominantly Filipino and only the governor-general and the vice governor were Americans
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