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Our wall after Erasmus in Adana

No description

Norbert Kazamer

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Our wall after Erasmus in Adana

Our wall after Erasmus in Adana
The dormitory
check the washing machines with international students
Arrive in Adana
... and get your residence permission
And travel, as you haven't done before.. around Turkey
...and in Turkey... a lot
And start your experience
have your first (of your many) photos in front of the mosque
eat your first meal
at the cafeteria
see at least once
the sunset at
the mosque
make a photo when you eat
Adana Kebab for the first time
have international dinners in Lojman
or have the authentic Italian
pasta from your roommate
only for yourself
wait (ALWAYS) for
somebody in front
of the dorm
have a barbecue
in front of the dorm
or play with other
Erasmus on the univ.
courts as an amateur
or why not involve
in the univ. team?
and even win
the national
spend a lazy Sunday
afternoon by the lake
be happy for the kind gift your
roommate makes you after his home country stay for the Easter holiday
get language
certificate of attendance
attend the incoming
Erasmus week
enjoy the quality
of the univ. products
represent your country
as well as you can
and make a #selfie with the
head of the int. office
and maybe even visit
the farm
have the business dinner with the Rector
tie friendships forever
enjoy the
national holidays
get your
turkish pants
do things you
haven't done
for a long time
eat the
turkish delight
go at least
once to see
the sea in Mersin
experience overcrowded public transportation
and get lost at least once by getting the wrong bus
watch at least one
Galata - Fener match
make Erasmus friends from other universities in Turkey
work online with Turkish
friends for a presentation
in the last moment
and actually present them next day
with so called "friends"
taking care of you
in the trips
enjoy a live
concert in
take as many
photos as possible
experience the luxury
buses in Turkey
and sometimes
maybe find
your half
we <3
try to make the perfect picture... and somehow fail
in a foreign
visit countries
around Turkey
Make photos in the only Capital City in two countries
And Istanbul is so amazing
I couldn't select just two photos!
The Cukurova University
Incoming Erasmus students 2013 - 2014

29th of October, 2014
Around dormitory and the university
The life around...
Erasmus Presentation
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