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What is the New Column in My Syllabus?

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Tereasa Gilmore

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of What is the New Column in My Syllabus?

What Is the New Time-on-Task Column in my Syllabus?
The New Column in Your Syllabus Looks Like This
This New Column Defines the Credit Hour
This new column helps the university document learning to meet institutional and accrediting agency requirements. Basically, this column
quantifies what you are already doing
in your Baker courses and shows that these courses have rigor.
What Is a Credit Hour?
A credit hour is defined as a set amount of hours a student spends in the classroom and on homework.
So, What Does this Mean for My 3- Credit Hour Courses?
A credit hour requires at least 40 hours of Time-on-Task for the student. At SPGS, most of your courses are 3 credit hours. Therefore, the time-on-task is 120 hours.
What Does 120 Hours Time-on-Task Mean to Me?
The 120 hours of Time-on-Task simply puts a number to what you are already doing in the classroom. It defines about how much time you spend on each course. It generally breaks down to this:

Time with the Instructor
Four hours
per week with the instructor (in the classroom or online).
four hours
per week of classroom equivalencies (feedback on written work, engagement in a forum, etc.)
Time on Independent Work
Time on Independent Work is the time you spend reading, researching, writing, working in groups, etc. It will equal between 56-80 hours per course, depending on the duration of the course. (See next slide.)
What If I Have Questions about the Time-on-Task for My Courses?
The SPGS syllabus now documents classroom rigor and thereby meets institutional and accrediting agency requirements.
In Conclusion
For questions, please contact Student Services by calling 913.344.1050
or sending an email to
As always, your instructor is available through email or a phone call to answer
questions you may have about your
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