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Evolution of a Hedgehog

No description

Madison Dodd

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Evolution of a Hedgehog

Evolution of a Hedgehog
Members of Erinaceidae family
Shows little change during last 15 million years
Habits and features still a mystery to science
Scientific name- Erinaceinae
By: Caitlyn and Maddie
German fossil-hunter (Klaus-Dieter Weiß) finds ancient hedgehog
Fossil Records
quills to repel predators
curl up in a ball when startled
Litolestes and leipsanolestes, oncocherus, cedrocherus, deinogalerix
Evolution remains mystery to science
Baby Hedgehog
Early Ancestor
Litolestes and Leipsanolestes
oldest known ancestor
lived in Paleocene period
65.5-66 million years ago
fossils found in Montana and Wyoming
Late Paleocene period
55.8-58.7 million years ago
fossils found in western Canada
Paleocene period
two species (cedrocherus ryani and cedrocherus aceratus)
limited fossils
means "terrible hedgehog"
lived in modern day Italy
late Miocene period
11.6-5.3 million years ago
had hair instead of quills
fed on insects
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