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Social Media 101: A Parent Presentation

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Rebecca Kelley

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of Social Media 101: A Parent Presentation

Our Work is Cut Out for Us
5 Steps to "Like" as Educators
How Accessible are Our Students?
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All you need to connect to the social media world is...
a smartphone (iPhone, Droid, Galaxy, HTC, etc)
a tablet (iPad, kindle)
Email address
We need to be proactive in educating ourselves on whats out there in the social media world. We need to encourage our students to be smart and safe in using technology.

Example headlines:
Who Can Find Your Child?
1. Communication is KEY
2. Know what you're talking about!
3. Get in control. Know
to look
4. Manage "screen" time
5. Know what information students are sharing on their accounts!
privacy settings
An Education on Popular Social Media Sites
How many of these apps have you heard of?
"Plugged-in and Tuned-Out"
98% of my students responded "I can't leave home without my phone" in a recent survey.

The vast majority of students ages 12-18 communicate primarily through the use of technology and social media.
Where are Our Students in the
Social Media World?
IF you choose to let your child on social media:
Social Media "Selfie" Dangers
report as inappropriate
Presented by Rebecca Kelley
Set all of their accounts to private to help manage their accessibility. Doing so helps protect them from interacting with strangers.
Bullying and Social Media

"Cyberbullying never takes a vacation"
"Social media taking over the world "

taken from www.thecarecorner.com
Try searching for your child or your students on different social media sites... What can you see?
**Advise students to register with their parents email address so they have access to their accounts.**
Caution your students against advertising and posting
where they are and who they are with.
Social Media is NOT a Separate Planet!!
What is Digital Citizenship?
Digital Citizenship is about using social media in a
"Computer Courage" can harm our Digital Citizenship. If you are not nice on Social Media... you are not nice.

When we gossip, lie, and spread rumors we are
7 in 10 teens reported being bullied through social media.
37% of them experience cyberbullying on a highly frequent basis
2014 Annual Cyberbullying Report:
Males and females are equally at risk of being bullied
40% do not know how to respond when cyberbullying takes place.
How to Stop Cyberbullying:
LOG OFF the site where the bullying is happening.
BLOCK messages from the bully. Do not respond to them.
SAVE the message to show a parent or adult
TALK to someone you trust
What Do We Do?
not even on
Caution your child about oversharing personal information

Social Media can actually make you feel bad about yourself.
Instagram is proven to produce most jealousy
Anxiety over how many "likes", "followers" and "retweets" effects teenagers more than any other age group.
The "100 Like Club" and "FOMO"
The Fact Is....
Most teens spend more time on these apps than face to face socialization.

This means that you could be arguing with your best friend while sitting right next to your parents on the couch!!
Parents checking their child's text messages isn't going to paint the whole picture of whats going on for you.
"19% of cyberbullying victims attempt suicide"
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