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Goals of Independent Reading

No description

Tina Crawford

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Goals of Independent Reading

Goals of Independent Reading
Choosing Books
Learn to choose from a wide variety of texts and genres.
Develop New Faves
Discover new writing styles, new authors, new genres!
Develop New Habits
Extend your reading endurance. Learn to spend a significant time reading.
Reading Agenda
Create a list of books that you want to read in the future. Goodreads.com
Gain Mileage
Expand your reading background by processing a large number of texts on a regular basis.
Learn about Self
Who are you as a reader? What strategies do you use to help you to comprehend a text?
Be a Part of It
Be a part of the reading community in book clubs or online clubs like Goodreads.com.
Quantity Matters
Readers need to process thousands of words within continuous texts each year to gain the kinds of experiences they need to prepare for future reading.
Time Matters
Students need long periods of time to experience reading as a pleasure rather than a chore.
Variety Helps
Variety develops flexibility in processing many different types of texts. the more variety, the better the skills.
Connections Matter
Students need to make connections with reading through discussion or writing. Connect texts to yourself, the world, and other texts so you can expand your knowledge.
Critical Comprehension
The highest level of comprehension: when you go beyond understanding a text to evaluating the quality of a text.
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