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Communication Process Example

No description

Ryan Krogfoss

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Communication Process Example

Communication Process Example
Construction Worker
The sender is the one that begins the communication process because they want another to understand their message.
You can not enter, this is a dangerous area.
The message is the information that is exchanged. It can be verbal or non verbal.

Through speaking.
The channel is the space or means in which the message is transmitted.
Type of Communication and Context
The type of communication found in this conversation between a construction worker and a civilian is through talking to each other in conversation.
By:Ryan Krogfoss
The context is that a man was standing next to a construction zone and one of the workers there saw him and told him that it was dangerous for him to be here. The context is informal because the worker simply told the man he was not authorized to be there, he was not giving a presentation or talking to a large audience.
The receiver is the one who receives or believes that they have received a message.
Oh, okay I apologize.
The feedback is the observable response to another's message.
Through speaking.
The channel is the space or means in which the message is transmitted.

Sound of cars passing by.
the noise is anything that interferes with a message and is usually temporary.
Barbed wire fence.
The barrier is any obstacle that blocks communication.
Climate and Physical Environment
The climate is very hot and humid in the summer. The climate has effect on the conversation because the man was waiting in the shade of the area, but he was not supposed to be there for he could have been hurt.

The conversation takes place in a construction cite, which is surrounded by barbed wire fence, in the city. The environment has an effect on the conversation because the cars in the city provided noise which could have interfered with the conversation and the fence was the barrier between the worker and the civilian.
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