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"Nowhere To Call Home" ; Avery Donaldson

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of "Nowhere To Call Home" ; Avery Donaldson

Chapter 1
Frances's father business goes bankrupt
Frances's father commits suicide
Great Depression
Stock Market Crash
Black Tuesday/Thursday
Chapters 2~3
Frances looses her home
Frances is persuaded to become a hobo
The servants loose their jobs
Frances is being sent to her aunt's

Chapters 4~5
Frances was going to the train
Frances redeemed her ticket
Frances jumps out of the taxi
Chapters 6~7
Frances hops her first train
Frances gets her name Frankie Blue
Frances disguises herself to look like a boy
Frances gets caught by the freight guard
Chapters 8~10
Francis and Stewpot go skinny dipping
They meet other hobo's
Has a picnic with a family
Stole chicken
Sleeps by campfire with stewpot

Chapters 11~13
Frankie's values get stolen
Frankie and Stewpot leave for a train
Frankie buys a pocket knife
Frankie hops her first train
Chapters 15~19
Frankie tells Stewpot tells she's a girl
Frankie and Stewpot get arrested
Frankie and Stewpot go to missionary
Chapters 20~26
Frankie and Stewpot leave for Montana
Frankie finds grub by herself
Stewpot takes medicine
Frankie and Stewpot look at the beautiful land
Stewpot dies
Frankie goes back to Chicago (aunt's)
"Nowhere to Call Home"

By: Avery Donaldson
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