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Collective Rights of Dene

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mark gordulic

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Collective Rights of Dene

The Dene The Dene are located mainly in the Northwest Territories, but are also found as far south as northern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Dene signed the Numbered
Treaties 8 and II in 1899 and 1921 Theorized to have crossed an ice bridge between Asia and Alaska circa 40 000 years ago The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ( C.C.R.F. ) protects and guarantees the rights of the Dene.
Affirmed treaty rights - such as hunting and fishing rights
Guarantees rights -protection against the loss of franchise (as in 1867.) Before the Dene's rights were protected, the following rights were violated:

In 1867, the Enfranchisement Act took away their right to vote to encourage assimilating into Canadian society. The Migratory Birds Act in 1916, ignored First Nations hunting rights and bans the hunting of certain species In January 2010, a ban on hunting caribou in the NWT is imposed, infringing on their collective rights regarding hunting. The planned Mackenzie pipeline will travel through part of their reserve, violating the land agreement.
Legislation that has affirmed Dene rights: Royal Procalmation: treaties must be signed for land by negotiations so land cannot be claimed from First Nations Charter of Rights and Freedoms: affirms treaty rights in Section 35 Collective Rights: rights guaranteed to specific groups in Canadian society for historical and constitutional reasons Collective rights shape who we are as Canadians in many ways: Collective rights embedded into the constitution prevent Canada from becoming similar to the United States, which assimilates minorities into western culture and ignores their past heritage. In Canada, we embrace past histories and how they impact the foundation our society is founded on. It generates a country that prides itself on adding to the cultural mosaic, resulting in a multicultural Canadian identity. Treaty 11 Treaty 8 Northern Dene Approximate Dene Reserve location
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