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Lost on the Moon

No description

Michael O'Hora

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Lost on the Moon

10 L Water 10 kg dehydrated food Lost on the Moon 2 100 kg Oxygen Tanks The Oxygen tanks would obviously be used
so that the humans can breathe,
because the moon has no oxygen
itself The water would be used for
drinking. The humans need the food to survive. Value: Oxygen is essential for Humans to
survive. By: Michael O'Hora & Nate Corbin

Period 6 Value: Water is vital
for humans to survive Value: Food is critical
for survival. It provides
energy as well. Traditional Signal Flares If close enough to the base,
the survivors could fire the flare
gun, thus revealing where they are
so they can be rescued. Value: The signal flare could help
the survivors be more easily
found. Case of dehydrated milk The survivors could
use the milk for vitamins Value: The vitamins
could better
the survivors'
chance of living First aid kit The first aid kit has many uses, should
a suit need patching, or for various medical
situations such as if someone were to be
injured Value: The many uses
for it make it invaluable Stellar map The stellar map could be used to confirm the
survivors' location. Value: The map could allow to survivors
to get their bearings at they move
towards the research base. Solar-Powered
Fm Radio The Fm radio could be
used by the survivors
to find out if a search
party has been sent out
for them Value: The survivors,
with this knowledge,
could focus more on
finding the search party
than finding the entire
research base Portable heating unit The portable heating unit
can prevent hypothermia,
which is fatal Value: This is also invaluable because it
allows the survivors to live longer Magnetic Compass The compass, can also
help the survivors determine
their location much like
the stellar map Value: The compass could allow to survivors to get their bearings at they move towards the research base. Life Raft The life raft could be
used for shelter or as a
bed Value: Shelter is always
good to have 50 M of Nylon Rope The rope could be used to
move very heavy items or to
restrain very light items Value: Moving heavy items
with the rope puts less stress
on the survivors so they are not
tired enough to where they need
to take a break from their hike to the
base Parachute Silk In an extreme case, the
parachute could possibly
be seen from space if the
survivors are no longer able
to make the trek Value: If there is an emergency,
the survivors have a chance of being
found Two 45.Caliber Pistols You do not need a lethal
weapon on the moon, but
th sound of the gunfire could
act as a signal Value: Unnecessary Box of Matches The box of matches are useless. The matches need oxygen, which the humans need to breathe Value: Unnecessary
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