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What's going on in Venezuela?

Understand Venezuelan Situation navigating through this canvas and please SHARE!

Alessandra Sironi

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of What's going on in Venezuela?

On February 12, 2014 in Venezuela National Youth Day millions of students took matter into their own hands by passively protesting against the social and economic crises caused by the illegitimate government of Nicolas Maduro. One of the main reasons students were taking action is the insecurity lived everyday on Venezuelan streets.
According to the academic studies by the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, almost twenty-five thousands homicides took place last year in this country. More than ninety percent of these murders go unpunished, and in the vast majority of cases, the police make no arrest or investigation.
While Students peacefully march their way through every major city in Venezuela, military forces has been treating them as if they were criminals, hitting, kicking and shooting at them, when their only weapons are cameras to record the unfair incidents, and posters stating the truth.
There is little information about how many students have been murdered in these days of protest. Witnesses have stated that students are being tortured by the military forces. Over a hundred students have been captured and taken to jail for peacefully protesting. Confirmed death has been thirteen, and many more unconfirmed. These deaths represent the millions of homicides that happened every day in Venezuela, and the students that have been killed by military forces are considered national heroes that have died for Venezuela’s Freedom.

On the other hand, the government controls all airways of communication, including TV and Radio. The government has taken control of the few TV Stations that brought to light their corruption. Without those channels and reporters stating the truth, it is impossible to inform the public about the situation. One of the TV Stations named NTNT24, which has been covering and broadcasting the situation, was taken off air and off line by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
The most powerful social networks Venezuelans have been using to inform each other and the world is twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Freedom of speech has been completely taken away by the dictatorship Nicolas Maduro.
The only goal is to terminate with the communism that Venezuelans are living. Venezuelans want to end food shortage, delinquency, insecurity, kidnapping, and crimes in general.
We need everybody’s help to tell the world what is going on in our hometown. Men that have sworn to protect and defend their people are shooting and killing them. The “Democratic” government, which constitution stands for freedom, wants to hide the incidents.
As a Venezuelan living in the United States it is my duty to inform the world of the injustice lived in Venezuela. It is the duty of all Venezuelans living abroad to stand out when our home is being shutdown. It is our right as human beings to have freedom of speech, to have freedom in general...
Please Share
Alessandra Sironi (as2328@nova.edu)
Prezi Ambassador (Nova Southeastern University, Fl)
Venezuelan living in the US #PrayForVenezuela
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