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Lucy in the sky booktalk

No description

Mary Grace Ewing

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Lucy in the sky booktalk

Anonymous Lucy in the Sky Setting Main Characters Plot
Conflict continued Major Conflict Selection Sharing Theme Santa Monica, California anonymous sixteen year old girl
Cam (girl's brother)
Ross (girl's new friend)
Lauren (girl's new friend)
Blake (girl's lover)
Ian (Ross' boyfriend)
Girl's parents
The main character was your typical good girl. She did what her parent's wanted, and got good grades. She didn't however, have any close friends. Her summer before junior year she finally made two really close friends and two others that they frequently partied with. She was happier than ever and couldn't get over all of the wonderful memories she was making. The main character was soon regularly smoking weed and had a taste for martinis. Things progressed quickly as she started popping pills, dropping acid, taking ecstasy, and doing lines of coke. She got arrested on the night of her winter ball for a DUI. She promised herself she would stop all partying and drugs, but felt left out. She decided to rekindle her friendship with Ross and Lauren and found out they had been doing meth. She figured if they liked it so much, so would she. The group of friends all ended up at Blake's house and were high on meth when the main character was convinced she should do heroin. She overdosed and an ambulance came in time to restart her heart. She came to her senses days later in a rehab facility. There she vowed to recover and move on with her life. She was sent home after a month on April 28 and found dead at Blake's house on May 5th from a lethal dose of both meth and heroin. "I wish I'd never done ANY of it. And it's not because it made me feel so bad. It's because it made me feel SO GOOD." It's important to be able to distinguish between a good friendship, and a toxic one.
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