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How is overpopulation affecting the economy?

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Kathryn Catilo

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of How is overpopulation affecting the economy?

How is overpopulation affecting the economy?
Kathryn Catilo
7 billion people in the world
One in eight does not have enough to eat
3 billion people in 1960, in 2010 population doubled
Overpopulation has done serious economic damage to nations all over the world
Overpopulation stimulates improved standard of living.
Can have benefits on the economic growth as seen with the economics in both China and India; they flourish despite the large population
More people being able to work meaning products can be manufactured at cheaper cost and labour are lower
Reduces the number of opportunities available for employment.
Rate of savings becomes very low; low investment and unemployment in the country affects the economy.
Pakistan population rate in 2012: 5.6%
Pakistan population rate in 2014: 6.2%
There are fewer jobs available for a growing number of people, which results in unemployment.

According to the United Nations Report 2014, “
the more people there are, the greater amount of food is needed
If there is not enough food to feed people in a specific place, then there is food shortage (Nigeria for example).
According from the report from TheGuardian, 2014, Nigeria’s meteorological agency had stated “
the rainy season is going to be shorter than usual
”. Nigeria’s heavily dependent on the rains.
A nation can expect a decline in the natural resources, which leads to lowering of the production of goods.

Overpopulation have benefits of having manufactured cost cheaper and having labour lowered
However, it also brings along the disadvantages of resource scarcity and unemployment.
Borrow money from other countries as a resolution to lessen potential problems that may occur eg. food scarcity

Overpopulation is a growing problem throughout the world at this time
Overpopulation causes a lot of problems, both existential (relating to human existence) and financial

My opinion
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