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Pride & Prejudice Graphic Novel

A look at the artwork from the different Jane Austen Marvel graphic novel adaptations adapations

Lindsay Tidwell

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Pride & Prejudice Graphic Novel

A brief exploration of how the artwork for
the Jane Austen graphic novels evolved. Artwork Exploration Pride & Prejudice The cover The other covers Sense and Sensibility
Northanger Abbey Questions to keep in mind What do you think of the brief glimpse of the other adaptations?
By looking at the artwork, who is the target audience?
Do you think this kind of adaptation is successful? The Dances Dances are present in every Austen novel, so it is only natural that they be included in the graphic novels.
Let's compare how the adaptations captured the scenes The End The cover art suits the story within very well... But, the inside illustrations are not in the same style as the cover. This difference can be jarring for readers. Here is a dance scene from Pride & Prejudice. Notice how similar Lizzie is on the cover to Lizzie from the BBC miniseries adaptation
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