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prezi timeline:dishwasher

No description

heather barrett

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of prezi timeline:dishwasher

Industrial Revolution: The Dishwasher 1850: Joel Houghton In 1850, Joel Houghton created the first
dishwasher. His device was made of wood,
slow, and unreliable. Therefore it was not
popular or widely accepted. 1865: L.A. Alexander L.A. Alexander created a dishwasher similar to
Houghton's but his contained a rack to hold the
dishes. His dishwasher also was a failure. 1886: Josephine Cochrane Joesphine Cochran, the one most credited for creating the dishwasher,
created it because her servants were chipping her fine china. She measured
the dishes and made wire racks that held the dishes. There was a motorized
wheel that sprayed hot, soapy water on the dishes to clean them. Her dishwasher only intrested hotels and restaurants until the 1950's when it because a common household appliance. She was the rightful founder of KitchenAid®.
Works Cited:
http://ezinearticles.com/?History-of-the-Dishwasher&id=2460475 1924:William Howard Livens With indoor plumbing Livens created a
dishwasher similar to a modern dishwasher
with many of the same features. However, it was not a complete success because electric drying was not installed in dishwashers until the 1940's. Dishwasher: a machine for washing dishes, kitchen utensils, etc., automatically. As you can see, dishwashers have come a long
way from when they were first invented.
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