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Arguments dealing with Shakespeare's Life

No description

Antonio Webb

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Arguments dealing with Shakespeare's Life

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Written by Antonio D. Webb Jr. The Controversies of the Great William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564. Which was determine because he was Baptized April 26, 1564 at The Holy Trinity Church. Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright wrote 154 sonnets and numerous dramatic works. Introduction of Shakespeare There are numerous controversies surrounding the life of William Shakespeare. William was accused to be a fraud of his famous dramatic works.
Shakespeare was also accused of not being an actual poet and playwright.
Experts says ..."Buried deep beneath the wreckage a large trunk was found, the content of which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that William Shakespeare plagiarized much of his best literary efforts from his younger cousin, Billy Shakemolotov"(Samotnaf "Shakespeare was a fake"). Which will be explained later in the presentation. Stephaine says"The debate over Shakespeare's authenticity as a playwright is supported by a wealth of evidence on each side. It is hard to make a judgment call on the debate without understanding both arguments. After checking out the evidence provided by the opposing sides of the debate, you can decide for yourself whether Shakespeare was a genius or a fraud"(S.G. Gustafson). Some Experts argues that William plagiarized most of his dramatic works from famous writers such as Queen Elizabeth, and etc...
Doane says" Did he, or didn't he? That is the question."
Shakespeare was portrayed as a fraud who really didn't write his famous sonnets and play bearing the byline of Shakespeare(Doane"Was Shakespeare a fraud?").
Experts assume to be a century-old theory that the real writer was the 17th Earl of Oxford.(Doane"Was Shakespeare a fraud?). Debates for Shakespeare being a fraud. There are no real records that Shakespeare was the person who wrote his plays and sonnets. The only proof lies on a testimony in the First Folio collection of plays published 1623, which is seven years after his death(Declaration of Reasonable Doubt About the identity of William Shakespeare). Yet orthodox scholars claim that there is no room for doubt that Mr. Shakespeare wrote the plays and poems traditionally attributed to him (Declaration of Reasonable Doubt About The Identity of William Shakespeare). Debates for Shakespeare not being a fraud. "Will the real Shakespeare please stand up?"(Satchell,Micheal"Hunting for good Will.") Questions of Shakespeare's existence Today, those who believe that Shakspere was the author have no definitive proof but instead point to Hamlet's declaration. Despite more than two centuries of research beginning with Wilmot, there isn't a scrap of documentation that Shakspere, the Warwickshire merchant, ever wrote anything in his life(Farouky, Jumana"The Mystery of Shakespeare's Identity"). Other controversial experts argued that he didn't existence but a fictional figure. Satchell, Micheal "Hunting for good Will."U.S.News,U.S.News & World Report Inc. 24/7/2000.Web. 25/09/2012 Works Cited Page few are likely to question who wrote the 38 plays, two long poems, and 154 sonnets that make up the West's greatest canon of literary genius. Conventional wisdom points to the Stratford merchant and supposed Globe actor, born to an illiterate glove maker in 1564 and baptized Gulielmus Shakspere. But there is growing circumstantial evidence that the Bard may be an Elizabethan courtier and author, the Earl of Oxford (Satchell, Micheal"Hunting for good Will"). Many Experts debated that Shakespeare was a real person “Almost nobody who knows anything about Shakespeare believes that he didn’t write the plays . . . These theories are [not] anything other than fabrications based ultimately on snobbery and bad reasoning, not evidence,” White said. Shakespeare scholars Mikics and Centre’s Professor Philip White both assert that the conspiracy theory is “ridiculous”(Loy, Sarah "Shakespeare no fraud, say scholars"). Many people are very against that Shakespeare didn't write his own plays and sonnets. that he was a plagiarizing fiend who stole his works form other famous writers. He was the writer of his famous works! No! He was not he plagirized all of them On Sept. 10, Shakespearian actor Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance, former artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (a working modern replica of the London theater Will co-owned and acted at), unveiled a "Declaration of Reasonable Doubt." Created by the California-based Shakespeare Authorship Coalition, an educational charity dedicated to raising awareness of the Shakespeare identity question, the document asks the world of academia to accept that there is "room for reasonable doubt about the identity of William Shakespeare" and to start taking the research into who is really responsible for his works seriously(Farouky, Jumana"The Mystery of Shakespeare's Identity"). At the heart of the problem is the fact that, for a man who was so prolific with his pen, Shakespeare didn't leave much evidence of his life behind. Most scholars accept that there is enough to prove that a William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, became an actor in London and retired back in Stratford until his death in 1616. But that's where the agreement ends. Stratfordians, as they are known, believe that this William Shakespeare is the same man who wrote what would become known as the greatest body of literary works in the history of the English language(Farouky, Jumana"The Mystery of Shakespeare's identity"). There are no manuscripts, poems, letters, diaries, or records in his own hand. His will, dictated to a lawyer, makes no mention of a literary legacy and who should inherit it.Shakspere at best had only a grammar school education, and he is not known to have traveled beyond Stratford and London. He probably left the capital in his early to middle 40s, when his writing career presumably would have been at its zenith, and returned to the humdrum life of a provincial grain and property dealer(Farouky,Jumana"The Mystery of Shakespeare's Identity"). Experts state that the famous Shakespeare is too illiterate to have written his own dramatic works Doane, Seth "Was Shakespeare a fraud?" CBS News,CBS Interactive Inc. 29/10/2011. Web.26/09/2012. "Declaration of reasonable doubt about the identity of William Shakespeare" DoubtAboutWill.Org,Shakespeare Authorship Coalition (SAC) 11/2012.Web.26/09/2012
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