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Sophia Kings

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Research

Nintendo Wii
The Wii has become one of the most popular activity based games consoles ever. The normal wii controller the "Wiimote" requires the user to move their arms to move the cursor or control a game; however, the main activity based input for the Wii is the Wii fit board. Working much like an interactive smart floor the Wii fit board has sensors in each corner of the board to track the users position in real time.

The Wii has a large suite of activity based games ranging from skiing to cooking. The most popular however is Wii sports and Wii sports resort, these games are a bundle of mini games featuring sports such as running, cycling and even canoeing when combined with the Wii board and Wiimote the user gets a highly
immersible experience as well as exercise.
Background research
Examples of music smart floors
To the right are examples of interactive music smart floors.

The first video shows a staircase being transformed into a piano. The user can interact with the piano by walking up and down the stairs. Most people going through the train station chose the stairs option instead of the escalator as it added some fun to their journey.

The next example is from the film 'Big'. The two characters, Josh (Tom Hanks) and MacMillan (Robert Loggia), come across an interactive piano in a shopping centre. Together they start playing a song.

The next example is called Reactable which is a table where users can interact using different shapes and movements to add different music and beats. The user can alter the music by turning the shapes, changing their position and rotating.

We would like to use these examples and incorporate them into our prototype.
The Growth of the Internet of Things
Intelligent Environment
Ubiquitous Computing
What are 'smart floors', 'intelligent environments', 'ubiquitous computing' and 'the internet of things'?
The Internet of Things Example
Ubiquitous Computing Example
Smart Floor gym
This interactive space can change the floor markings depending on what sport is played. LED lights are turned on depending on which sport is selected. Multiple sports can be played in the same gym at the same time. This allows flexibility to the gym and avoid the confusion of different sport marking lines on the floor at the same time.

The gym is a bright idea which can be further developed in the future. The only interaction is through a computer screen to change the floor plan but the space can be improved by converting the floor into an interactive floor where users can change the floor plan or play against computers in their chosen sport.
GravitySpace Example
Activity games
Mario Kart 8, driving
for Wii U, can also be used with old Wii remote
PlayStation Camera is a motion sensing accessory for PlayStation 4
PlayStation move PlayStation 3 2009
PlayStation eye for PlayStation 3 2007
eye toy for PlayStation 2
OMNI & Rift
PlayStation Move
The PlayStation move is Sony's version of the Wiimote and works in a similar way; however, unlike the Wiimote which works using a infra red sensor bar the play station move system works using the play station camera to track the motion of the controller, By tracking the large glowing ball on top of the controller.
PlayStation also uses the PlayStation camera on its own with the PlayStation for removing the need for the move controller and making game play feel more immersible and natural.
Smart Floor Game Research
Game Development software
A typical 2D game created in Game Maker
A semi-realistic Unity 3D game
A realistically textured 3D game created in UDK
An introduction to game engines
With the game industry booming there is a large amount of game engines available for developers to use. Each game engine is tailored towards different developers with different skill sets; Whether developing a game for Android, iOS, Windows or a games console there is a game engine for everything.

Before the implementation of game engines, games had to be created with display hardware and memory constraints in mind and designed from the bottom up. Creating games from scratch as a singular entity takes a much longer time than with a game engine. Therefore the modern use of game engines allows a much quicker development time and expands a developers game possibilities.

What exactly does a game engine do?

A game engine is a framework that aids the processes required when making a game. They allow sprites to be added and manipulated easily, menu screens or text to be drawn through the GUI, simple implementation of sound effects and background music. Game engines also provide easy application of some much more complex features like in-game physics (detecting collisions, applying forces and velocity to objects) and particle emission. Particle emitters allow the developer to create a huge range of visual effects for their game like explosions, water effects and magic effects. A particle engine would be extremely difficult to build purposefully for a single game however most game engines have particle emitters built in. Another great advantage of game engines is the user interface. All game engines use a graphical user interface to reduce the need for programming and make game creation much easier.
Unreal Engine, Game Maker and Unity3D
In conclusion there are is a large range of game engines available today. The choice of game engine is strongly dependent on which game is being created.
Powerful game engines are obviously not required for simple 2D platform games, and likewise an engine like Game Maker isn't up to the task of creating a lifelike 3D environment integrated into the Oculus Rift.
Price is also a defining factor in picking a game engine so picking an engine can also depend on the developers budget.

Our Prototype
For our prototype will be using the Unity 3D game engine. It will provide us with an intuitive user interface, a helpful community to help with scripting, and a choice of c# and javascript to create our prototype.
Unity 3D
Wide range of platforms - Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Linux, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows 8
Easy scripting and a choice of languages (JavaScript, C# or Boo)
Simple to use
Free version
Inbuilt physics engine with collision detection
Inbuilt particle effects
Relatively easy to learn
A large asset store with free assets for games
A great online community with forums and useful information

Some important features can not be used without purchasing the pro version
Using Unity for big games requires a lot of optimisations
Game Maker
Predominantly for 2D games easy to use/learn
Designed to allow novice computer programmers to be able to make computer games without much programming knowledge.
Uses drag and drop action sequences or its own sandbox scripting language Game Maker Language
Cheap and easy to learn
Not useable for large scale games with realistic graphics and 3D environments
Smart floors are an interactive space that can detect your movements which include your position and distribution of weight. Multiple people can use the smart floor at the same time which allows them to play interactive games.

Intelligent environments are interactive spaces that combine both computerised and physical objects.

Ubiquitous computing can be made available to users in any area, device or format. For example the user can interact with computer, laptops, tablets and everyday objects such as fridges or floors.

The Internet of Things is a future development where everyday objects have a network connectivity to allow them to send and receive data. Objects, animals and people will be given unique identifiers which will enable them to transfer data without interaction.
GravitySpace is an example of an intelligent environment that monitors your weight and beams a mirrored image of yourself and the room. You can interact with the space by playing different activity games such as football, moving coloured balls and playing dominoes.
(1) A.Steventon and S.Wright (2006) Intelligent Spaces: The Application of Pervasive ICT, Springer-Verlag.
(2) Microsoft (2008), 2.6 The Growth of Creative Engagement (pg 48), Human-Computer Interaction in the year 2020
(3) Internet of Things Definition, http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/Internet-of-Things

The Omni enables you to move naturally and freely in virtual worlds. Get fully immersed in your favorite game! add to this using the rift and you have a almost full immersible game environment
X box One & Kinect
all in one entertainment system from Microsoft.

Unreal Development Kit
Used to produce games for consoles and PC.
Almost all games development companies have the skill UDK as a requirement.
Free version until £50,000 is made, then you have to ppcm to use
Similar to Unity in that it has:
- Inbuilt physics engine with collision detection
- Inbuilt particle effect

Inbuilt lighting effects and sky boxes all inbuilt skeletons.
Can also be used to create animations and modeling compatible with 3DS max, Blender, so UDK is great for integration
An example of the Internet of Things is this interactive space called Elsi Alarm which notifies the family of someone who is elderly or disabled of their movement such as accessing rooms, getting out of bed and going outside. This provides family with peace of mind as they know their loved one is safe yet they can still have their independence. If the person in the house falls over then the family member is messaged.
Tenori- On
Above is a video demonstrating this new and advanced technology showing a user moving around their home and everything they do the home detects and send messages to family member.
An example of Ubiquitous Computing is the Ubi. Ubi is wifi connected and voice operated device used in homes to allow you to interact with different objects.

There are multiple activities you can do within the home, anywhere such as send a text message, set reminders about daily activities or tasks, play music, control devices in your home such as turning up the heating.

All activities can be done without touching your phone or device even if it is in your pocket. More objects are becoming smarter and you will be able to interact with. Currently Ubi can only interact with objects connected to the internet but technology is moving on so eventually you will be able to interact with other objects such as the fridge, etc.

Ubi is different to other voice activated devices because you can teach Ubi, Ubi can work at home or on your phone, the whole family can use it, you will bw able to control internet connected objects, get reminders in your home and get data about your home.

Smart Floors
Intelligent environments
Ubiquitous Computing
The internet of Things
As a group we really like the idea of the Tenori- On, where the user can press different squares to create a beat or music.

The user can select or deselect squares which are the notes that will be played. The music is played from left to right so the columns determine the timing for the music played and the rows are for the different notes played. The music continues to play but the user can keep interacting with the Tenori-on to remove or add new notes. This is an effective way to make music which we would like to further develop and look into when creating our prototype.
Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation, (2014), The Ubi, http://www.theubi.com/
The Fun Theory (2009), http://www.thefuntheory.com/piano-staircase
Gracie Films, 20th Century Fox, Big (1988), piano scene
Reactable Systems, (2008), http://www.reactable.com/
Tenori-on demo performance, http://www.global.yamaha.com/tenori-on/
Game Engines

To rival the popular Wii Sports
X box brought out Kinect sports, which
needed no remotes but just the movement of your body as sensor points. Because of the similarities in the controls. interactive games are released for both platforms. For example:
Just Dance
Zumba fit
Kinect Sports Rivals
However Xbox Kinect had hit the nail on the head when it came to interaction within games. Having no controller to interact with the game your playing is quiet ground breaking. The Kinect like the playstation relies on sensors, however it uses your body parts as a sensor.

Play together, without controllers.

Just Dance 2014 boasts over 40 tracks to dance and sing along to.
Consoles 2014
Guitar Hero: 2005:
Players use a guitar-shaped game controller to simulate playing lead, bass guitar, and rhythm guitar across numerous rock music songs. created by RedOctane and Harmonix, and distributed by Activision. They went on to create spin off games:

DJ Hero: Oct, 2009.
Uses a turntable controller to simulate the motions of a DJ to mix songs, the game's noted learning curve helps the player to become skilled on it.

Band Hero: Nov, 2009.
structurally similar to Guitar Hero, Band hero as the name suggests supports full band play (lead and bass guitar, drums, and vocals)
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