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문법나라 여행 너무 기대돼요~

No description

미혜 윤

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of 문법나라 여행 너무 기대돼요~

문법 나라로 신나는
여행을 떠나요~
룰루 그리고 랄라~

1. We have never seen such an animal.

Never have we seen such an animal.

2. I little dreamed that he would fail.

Little did I dream that he would fail.

3. He realized he didn't want to be there anymore only after leaving.

Only after leaving did he realize he didn't want to be there anymore.

4. His shock was so great that he couldn't sleep at all.

So great was his shock that he couldn't sleep at all.

5. He ran so fast that she couldn't catch him.

So fast did he run that she couldn't catch him.
1. The grammar of English is easier than that of other languages.

2. Life expectancy rates today are much higher than those of the past.

3. Take off your clothes and put on some better ones.

4. I sold my old computer and bought a new one.

5. One should eat and exercise regularly.

6. My father goes on a business trip every two months.

대명사 구경하기
1. I prefer this to that. (대명사: 저것)
2. the size of this room is smaller than that of the kitchen.
3. it's important that I contact him personally.
4. it was the unfamiliar words that I looked up in the dictionary. (it that 강조구문)
5. I know that you are beautiful. (종속접속사)
6. is there a baseball team that you support? (관계대명사)
7. the quality of the food wasn't that good. (부사)
That 관광하기
형용사와 부사에서는
어떤걸 구경할 수 있을까?
1. Ken is not so much a liar as a storyteller.

2. The less you complain, the happier everyone else will be.

3. China produces more silk than any other country in the world.

4. more or less: 다소
원급 숲, 비교급 숲에는 무슨 특별한 것이 있나요?

1. The piano was small enough to fit in my tiny room.

2. The sun was too bright for me to open my eyes.

3. The worm moved so quickly that I couldn't catch it.

4. You need to be careful so that you don't miss the plane.

5. They were short of fresh water, so that they drank as little as possible.

6. She read so sad a story that she started to cry.

7. It was such a beautiful picture that I wanted to buy it.

8. It was so foggy a day that we couldn't see the road.
1.A receptionist will be on duty to help her when she arrives there.
I don't know when Sam will go to the art museum.

2. They wondered if they could use the washer and dryer.

3. some flowers are very small, while others are very big. (반면에)
my grandma used to talk to herself while she read. (동안에)

4. since I was young, I have wanted to explore space.
since you are sick, you should avoid fast food.

5. Brad pitt has acted in more than 20 dramas since 1991.
최진실 acted in more than 30 TV dramas.
1. Just as assimilation is required in this example, so is it required in many of the child's thinking challenges.
동화가 이 예에서 필요한 것처럼 그것은 아이들이 생각해야하는 과제들에서도 필요되어진다.

2. Just as saying sorry matters, so does remembering to thank those who help you move forward.
미안하다고 말하는 것이 중요한 것과 똑같이 당신이 앞으로 나아가도록 도와주는 사람들에게 감사해야 할 것을 기억하는 것도 중요하다.
1. you shake hands with other people.
+ always use your right hand.

2. it is close to the equator.
+ Indonesia has a tropical climate.

3. the weather gets warmer.
+ I will spend more time outside.

4. I went there.
+ most of my friends did.
1. As you shake hands with other people, always use your right hand. (때)
2. As it is close to the equator, Indonesia has a tropical climate.(때문에)
3. As the weather gets warmer, I will spend more time outside.(할 수록)
4. I went there as did most of my friends. (~처럼)
같은 듯 다른 접속사 다리를 지나가 보아요~뛰뛰빵빵~
1. You cannot help looking at this article.

2. It's no use explaining the truth to Ken.

3. This disc is worth keeping for a long time.

4. I regret saying such a thing to him.
I regret to say that I am unable to help you.

5. I tried calling her but she wasn't at home.
He tried to be serious but he couldn't help laughing.

6. You are responsible for his/him failing the test.

7. On hearing the news, she changed her plan.

동명사 강줄기를 따라가면 볼거리가 많아요~
1. Had he had enough money, he could have bought the house.

If he had had enough money, he could have bought the house.

2. Were I a millionaire, I would have the house.

If I were a millionaire, I would have the house.

3. Without science, our lives would be much less convenient.

If it were not for science, our lives would be much less convenient.

Were it not for science, our lives would be much less convenient.

4. If it had not been for his home run, the team might have lost the game.

Without his home run, the team might have lost the game.

1. If it had snowed last night, we would go skiing now.

As it didn't snow last night, we don't go skiing now.

2. If I had had dinner a few hours ago, I would not be hungry now.

As I didn't have dinner a few hours ago, I am hungry now.

3. If I had followed your advice, I would be happy now.

As I didn't follow your advice, I'm not happy now.

Sera has few, if any, faults. (있다고 하더라도)

He rarely, if ever, goes to church. (한다고 하더라도)
혼합 가정
가정법 담벽 너머에는 무엇이 있을까?

1. A long table was in the center of the hall.

In the center of the hall was a long table.

2. Those who live there are happy.

Happy are those who live there.

3. Those who lived there became happy.

Happy became those who lived there.
부정어 도치 건물을 갔더니
의문사 도치를 구경시켜줬어요~
주어 + 동사

동사 + 주어
와~ 여기 도치 건물 구경은 너무 쉽다~
1. Sora comes from Korea, Suzuke (comes) from Japan, and Liu (comes) from China.

2. Zeus made a bull, Prometheus a man, and Athena a house.

Zeus made a bull, Prometheus mad a man, and Athena made a house.

3. Some people prefer eating their ice cream in cones and others in cups.

Some people prefer eating their ice cream in cones
and others prefer eating their ice cream in cones.

4. Oscar brought two books and Bob some pens.
헬리콥터에서 보니까 많은 것들이 생략되어 보여요~
1. Beside your school are a lot of factories.

2. Two thirds of my friends play soccer.

3. Thirty percent of the students were born in big cities.

4. The percentage of female teachers was 70 percent.

5. A number of movie stars are coming here.

6. The number of movie stars is increasing every year.
수 일치? 이건 뭐예요?
1. I suggested that he (should) make a phone call before going there.
2. She suggested that he be diligent.
3. His silence suggests that he is avoiding the media.
이건 왜 수일치 안되나요? 왜요? 왜요?
1. Our team had left.
He left the station.
He left me alone.
He left a book on the table.

2. She found herself looking at the mirror.
3. Most female passengers find it uncomfortable to share toilets with men.
4. Mistakes make it difficult to win the game.
5. Having a vacation makes it harder for me to adapt to a new semester.
6. The old man thought it prudent to write a few letters to his women prior to his operation.

7. mistake A for B : A 를 B로 잘못 알다.
8. impose A on B : B에게 A 를 부과 하다.
9. compare A with B : A를 B와 비교하다.
10. attribute A to B: A를 B에게 돌리다. 탓으로 돌리다.
11. tell A from B: A와 B를 구별하다.

12. He prefers planing video games to watching TV.

13. the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
the mother raised her head.
I'm proud of having been raised by my parents.

14. he always sits there.
he seated the guests. / please, remain seated.

15. Mom tells me to turn it off while brushing my teeth.

16. A button came off my shirt as I was putting it on.

1. I used to study hard, but I don't anymore.
I am used to driving, but it was hard at the beginning.

2. He may have told a lie.
This building must have been built over 500 years ago.
You should have taken his advice.

3. I would rather go to the park than stay at home.

착한 사람 눈에만 보이는
추상 명사 건물에
들어가 볼까요?

1. This information is of no use.
= This information is useless.

2. Mr. Kim is a man of courage.
= Mr. Kim is courageous.

Very가 이런 것도 해요?

1. Jack is the very person that is ready
to dedicate his youth to your company.

제 친구 동사는요.. 특정한 친구들하고만 여행 다녀요!
아하~ 조동사에는 이런 아이들이 있구나~

As가 뜻이 많다구요? 전 신경쓰지 않아요~
Just as 주어 + 동사, so 주어 + 동사 : 앞 문장 주어 동사 한 것처럼 뒷문장 주어동사 하다.

과거 상황 가정
현재 상황
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