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1970s: The Me Decade

Elizabeth Gokhman

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of 1970s

1970s: The Me Decade FASHION MEN Leisure Suits
A casual suit consisting of a shirt-like
jacket and matching trousers WOMEN Bell bottom jeans Skirts •Mini skirts (mainly younger girls)
•Mid-calf length midi
•Loose flowing skirts (maxis) (granny skirts) ‘Hot Pants’ (skimpy shorts) Shirt dresses, bodysuits, and slacks with matched blazers, jeans tucked into boots, satin pants, ponchos, halters and tube tops DESIGNERS Many people searched for their ethnic and cultural roots, and therefore this decade witnessed various clothing styles and trends Laura Ashley  Modest fashion option
 Victorian-inspired dresses with dropped waists Vivienne Westwood and partner Malcolm McLaren  Originated the punk style
 Opened a shop named SEX
 Ripped or slashed clothing pieced together with oversized safety pins
 Wardrobe items clashed
 Fishnet stockings with masculine combat boots HAIR Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut Farrah Fawcett’s flowing, layered curls Hair dyed a bright and unnatural looking color after the punk style or cut asymmetrically Makeup Natural but splash of color
Luminescent ACCESSORIES MOOD RINGS “impulse stone” The 70s was the ‘me decade’. People began to learn more about themselves and create their identities, and the mood ring helped them to do so More than $15 million worth of rings sold by 1975 Footwear Clogs Earth Shoes Platform Shoes Soles and heels were cork, wood, plastic, or rubber, with floral and fruit embellishments, glitter, painted rainbows, star and moons Jewelry ID Bracelets Silver and Turquoise Puka beads or shells Chains and spiked collars
(punk) Cinema And Theatre: “The last Golden Age of American Cinema” Big box office hits and movie stars The Godfather
-1972, Francis Ford Coppola
-Marlon Brando, Al Pacino Starwars
-1977, George Lucas -Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford Rocky
-1976, John G. Avildsen
-Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers Grease
-1978, Randal Kleiser
-John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John New techniques and production methods: Restrictions of language, adult content and sexuality, and violence had loosened up and became more widespread Creative and memorable subject matter that reflected the questioning spirit and truth of the times Broadway shows
Acting Stars Annie (1977)
-Andrea McArdle Grease (1972)
-Barry Bostwick (Danny), Carole Demas (Sandy) Biggest Concert: Pink Floyd- June 9, 1975 Ticket Prices 1970- $1.55 1971- $1.65 1972- $1.70 1973- $1.77 1974- $1.87 1975- $2.05 1976- $2.13 1977- $2.23 1978- $2.34 1979- $2.51 Health and Medical Advancement Medical Breakthroughs
Discoveries CAT SCAN (Computerized Axial Tomography)  The most critical medical breakthrough since the X-ray Invented by Robert Ledley
uses X-rays to create images of the body in three-dimensions New Medicines Amazing developments in medicine after WWII  Tranquilizers
 New amphetamines
 Weight loss products
Many stimulants, tranquilizers, and sedatives are misused
 Whooping cough vaccines procedures and treatments It was discovered that blood transfusions presented a significant risk for the transmission of life-threatening viruses Doctors
Researchers Luis Alvarez came up with the theory that “the explosion of a large comet or meteor threw up tons of dust, blotted out the sun, and caused the earth’s vegetation to wither, with the herbivorous and then the carnivorous dinosaurs following in its wake” Illnesses & Epidemics Whooping cough
Lyme disease discovered Diets diets created by physicians were popular low carbohydrates Atkins diet

advocated whole grain, fruits, vegetables and low fats
antidote to heart disease exercise programs Body building became popular Jogging Technology Computers World's first microprocessor came in November, 1971 'C' programming language developed Was designed for implementing system software
One of the most popular programming languages Prominent home computers released in the 1970's were, The Apple II TRS-80 Commodore PET Atari 400/800 Alan Shugart invented the floppy disk in 1971 The Ethernet computer networking system came about in 1973 Cars Inventions 1970 Daisy-wheel printer 1971 Dot-matrix printer Food Processor Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Videocassette (VCR) 1972 Word Processor First video game 'Pong' Hacky Sack 1973 Gene splicing Disposable lighter 1974 Post-it notes Liposuction 1975 Laser Printer Push-through tab on drinks 1976 Ink-jet printer 1977 MRI 1978 VisiCalc Spreadsheet Artifical heart 1979 Cell phones Cray Supercomputer Walkman Rollar Blades Muscle Cars 340 horse power at 5100 rpm 0 - 60 mph in 6.4 seconds 1970 AMC Rebel Machine Base price of $3,475 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 370 horse power at 5400 rpm 0 - 60 mph in 6.4 seconds Base price of $3,530 1970 Plymouth GTX 375 horse power at 3200 rpm 0 - 60 mph in 5.8 seconds Base price of $3535 1970 Buick GSX Stage I 360 horse power at 4600 rpm 0 - 60 mph in 5.5 seconds Ford Mustang Cobra Popular Cars Mercury Bobcat AMC Pacer Chrysler Cordoba Chevrolet Chevelle Food Signature Dishes Pasta Primavera Wacky Cake Fondue Meals Ingredients include:
1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour (unbleached)
1 cup of sugar
3 tablespoons of unsweetened tea
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 teaspoon of vinegar
5 tablespoons of vegetable oil
1 cup of cold water Watergate cake Golden Yellow: Tense. You have difficulty focusing and are easily bothered.
Blue: You are happy. No, really!
Purple: Moody. Your emotions are erratic. Consider Prozac.
Black: Down. You are overburdened and confused. Check for a pulse.
Reddish brown: Insecure. Go buy yourself a Mazda Miata convertible.
Clear: Fraud. Your mood ring is a fake; you are having financial difficulties.
Green: Easily amused. If you are still reading this, you are easily amused. Technology to increase self-awareness •Impact on decade
The 70s was the ‘me decade’. People began to learn more about themselves and create their identities, and the mood ring helped them to do so
•Impact on American Culture
Showed the culture itself was in a period of uncertainty and chaos
Represents the end of the hippie culture, and the beginning of environmentalism and the economic recession due to the oil crisis •Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fall in love until Sandy has to return home to Australia at the end of summer
•Sandy moves back to the US and unknowingly attends the same high school as Danny
•He acts cool for his friends and makes her angry Watergate Salad Family Meals Apple Sauce Coffee Impact on decade:
All about finding ‘yourself’, Danny has to choose between being ‘cool’ and his summer lover Sandy
Impact on American Culture:
The variety of characters impacts the many different types of people in America Breakfast Impact on decade:
a doctor could not only tell if a tumor is present, but roughly how deep it is in the body
Impact on American Culture
America’s concern with medical problems Apple Juice Coffee Crumb Cake Grapefruit Orange Juice Sausage Links Soft-boiled Eggs Poached Eggs Raisin Toast Milk Lunch Coffee Country Buttermilk Soup Creole Fish Soup Crumb Cake Fruit Cocktail Ginger Pears Milk Savory Oven Vegetables Spicy Relish-filled eggs Tea Tomato Soup Dinner Anchovies and Pimentos Frozen Strawberry Mallow Ziti Casserole Zucchini Rounds Sliced Tomatoes Watermelon Ice Pinapple Grapefruit Juice Italian Rice Balls Melon Wedges Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Ginger Jumbos Cookies Lettuce with Blue Cheese Music Top Ten Songs of the 70's 1. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin 2. Imagine - John Lennon 3. Hotel California - The Eagles 4. What's Going On - Marvin Gaye 5. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen 6. Layla - Derek and the Dominoes 7. Superstition - Stevie Wonder 8. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen 9. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel 10. Let's Stay Together - Al Green Famous Artists KISS Led Zeppelin Elton John Glam Rock Band Rock Band Rock Singer, Pianist Bob Dylan Singer Rolling Stones Rock Band Bee Gees Disco Queen Glam Rock Band Aretha Franklin R&B Singer Neil Diamond Contemporary Singer Bruce Springsteen Rock Singer Barbara Streisand Singer Funk, Soul, influential Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Disco and Psychedelic Rock were popular genres Easy listening regained popularity with artists such as Bob Marley The Carpenters John Lennon Beatles Singer Billy Joel Pianist, Singer-Songwriter Convenience foods became popular during the 1970's as more mothers worked. Delivered food offered food in a less amount of time for a lower cost. People prioritized convenience over the nutritional value of the food. More healthy foods become popular with a desire to "return to a more natural lifestyle" Pop Rocks Came about in 1974, Candy that exploded in your mouth Granola Any food that was considered to be natural was thought to be good. Because of it's natural ingredients, granola soared in popularity Vegetarian foods became popular Salad Bars became more frequent in restaurants FM Radio stations gained popularity Offered an alrternative from AM radio stations
Better quality sound, because of better reception
Played new popular pop songs A time of individual expression of clashes and emerging identities CONCLUSION 1970s were a decade of disillusionment
Economic growth that had characterized the decades following World War II began to slow, leading to increased unemployment
1970s were seen as a time of growing individuality and diminished civic engagement
Economically, politically, and socially, the decade was marked by growing cynicism and uncertainty as Americans questioned the integrity of their political leaders and institutions Works Cited
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Batchelor, Bob. "Television in the 1970s." Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas. ABC-CLIO, 2012. Web. 5 June 2012 Radio & Television Popular disc jockeys The Trammps
Pete DJ Jones
The Smith Brothers
Frankie Crocker
M. Morton Hall
The Dow Twins Art, Literature and Dance The Trammps! Famous Masterpieces Radio Programs FM:
All in the family
Sanford and son
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
Saturday Night Live
The Flip Wilson show Jazz Art Still Life with Lemons The Hands Resist Him Art, Life and the other thing Proverbidioms Popular television program genres:
Comedy Best-Seller's List ACTORS&ACTRESSES Art Genres Post-modernism Neo Expressionism Transavantgarde Graffiti Minimal Art Magazines Number one bestseller for 41 weeks
Translated into 33 languages worldwide Rob Reiner Sally Struthers Carroll O'Connor Jean Stapleton Disco Electric Boogaloo
Bus Stop
The Bump
Burger King
Charmin toilet paper
Chevy Chevetter Coca Cola
Dr. Pepper
Mountain Dew
Cracker Jackers
Levis blue jeans
Life Cereal
"say no to drugs" cheerios 7up Coca-Cola Trends
Fads TOYS Pet Rock -typically gray
-Sold like live pet in boxes with breathing holes
-had a manual called “The care and training of your pet rock”
-taught how to roll over, potty train, sit, stand, come, shake hands -Dahl was the creator and came up with this idea when he heard his friends complaining about their pets and a rock would be the perfect idea because you wouldn’t have to cater to its every need
-He became a million air selling 1.5 million rocks GAMES Connect Four Operation Electromechanical arcades
Rubik’s cube
Nerf (the worlds first official indoor ball) HOBBIES Big souped up stereo systems
Rock tumbling- transforming rocks to make them smooth and better looking football
basketball Leisure Activities Reading
Streaking Sayings & Words Can you dig it? - do you understand it? Psyche - to trick someone Bogus - used to describe something offensive or unrealistic crib - home gig - work spaz - cluts dream on - unrealistic, not gunna happen far out - cool get down or boogie - dance fab - fabulous airhead - stupid person usually a women, usually blonde bread - money
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