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Body Language

period 3

Rachel Maurer

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Body Language

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." ~Peter F. Drucker Body Language Facial Expressions Hand Gestures Body Posture Who Cares? Body language can help with job interviews (or any interview), presentations, and day-to-day conversations! ~Visual indications on how someone is feeling by conscious or unconscious body gestures. What is Body Language? Forms Of Body Language ~Facial expressions ~Hand Gestures ~Body Posture Eyes ~Direct eye contact = interested ~Breaking eye contact = distracted, uncomfortable, or trying to hide feelings ~Rapid blinking = distressed or uncomfortable ~Looking up = thinking ~Looking down = feeling inferior ~Looking sideways = Distracted or insulted ~Looking side to side = lying Mouth ~Pursed lips = disapproval, or distrust ~lip biting = worried, anxious, or stressed ~Covering the mouth = trying to hide their emotions (usually a smile or smirk) Hands ~Clenched fist = anger or hostility ~Thumbs up/ down = approval or disapproval ~The "okay" gesture = U.S.- okay
Europe- you mean nothing ~Peace sign = U.S.- Peace
Germany- Victory Arms/ Hands ~Crossed arms = defensive, self-protective, or closed-off ~Hands on the hips = in control, or aggressiveness ~Clasped hands behind the back = bored, anxious, or angry ~Finger tapping = bored, impatient, or frustrated Legs/ Feet ~Crossed legs = closed off or in need of privacy ~Foot direction = Points to the desired direction (not always) ~Restless leg = eager to leave Body language is... Everywhere! Time for a little competition! Let's see what you learned. Rules: Search the movie trailer that I created for body language. On the piece of paper I gave you, write them down when you see them. The winners: There will be a choice of 3 prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. People in the trailer: My sister Laura Maurer Myself Nicole Sacchetti And Chris's brother Joe Delaney Shanon Rinker
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