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Geraldine Poma Casana

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

CHINA E.E.U.U What is your evaluation
of the way Levendary Cafe
has entered the China
market? THE ORGANIZATIONAL FOUNDATION: Blending Concepts and Operations

-Business Development
-Administrative Staff Groups EXPANDING: China Dreams
The investigation:
China was conducive for investment.
Population and annual GDP growth.
An affluent middle class.
Foreign fast food companies attracted the most attention. Louis Chen as a viable candidate to lead the Levendry business in China.
A strong market position as a base for franchising throughout China.
"Do right by the concept"
Adapt resources and expertise in local Chinese stores "be flexible". Levendary will connect with Chinese youth, and that's the future. 1. What changes should Mia Foster
make? Specifically, What should
she do about Louis Chen? And
What changes would you
propose at headquarters? Changes in the headquarters: Mia Foster should work more as a team with patience and care, to avoid creating friction between Chen and she, give better solutions to the conflict.

Discuss your ideas before making a decision, avoid conflicts with Louis Chen. That is, avoid conflict on people, the process and the problem. 2 Increase inventory.
Increase franchising.
Focus on other cities. Research Methods:
the group interviews.
customer claims.
the opinions of sale. The agenda Specific action program for Foster to deal the needs of continued growth in China. 3 SERVING THE U.S. MARKET
"Customer delight"
"Customer meet requests"
"Local menu adaptions"
" The American Consumer"
"Evolving menu choices"

The problem: In 2008, the company's domestic growth was slowing. Had plateaued, recognizing that its concept did not translate well into small towns, particularly in the midwest and south. LEAPING INTO CHINA Changes: LOUIS CHEN: Avoid friction with Mia Foster.
In a discussion of ideas, avoid an enemy and act as peers who have a problem.
Give a better solution for both parties. The business must adapt to Chinese society. That is, to adapt their culture.
The business must be a flexible and not rigid.
Adapt to change.
Comply with laws.
Get more Chinese contacts. train employees about Chinese culture.
Establish effective processes that enable them to generate products and services that meet the needs, requirements and expectations of its customers. Adapt to change.
cultivate friendship and confidence for business.
make long-term agreements with different Chinese contacts to generate products or services that satisfy consumers.
maintain intercultural relations. 2007 Conclusions
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