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Anything and Everything about this ultra fabulous country!

Maia Maison

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of WE ARE...MONGOLIA!

The Capital Location Currency Language Religions Population GDP Economic Resources Flag Map of Country Transportation 3 Extra Statistics Ulan Bator 47 N, 106 E 4th in Media, television broadcast stations
2nd in total number of highways
1st in railways for transportation Natural Resources Asia 1 Tugrug(Tugrik)- 100 Mongos Khalka Mongol 90%, Kazakh 7%, Russian 3% Buddhist Lamaist 50%, Shamanist and Christian 6%, Muslim 4%, None 40% 2,434,000 people Trans-Siberian Railway is most common. It runs through Mongolia, China, and Russia. Steamers and tugboats are common, also. There are also a few international air services. We Are...Mongolia We Are...Mongolia Mongolia is full with forests, fish, and minerals.
Major forest areas are about 75% Siberian, 11% Cedar, and 6.5% pine.
Mongolia's common minerals include coal, copper, fluorite, gold, iron, lead, and more. Include herding and agriculture. They have alot of lifestyles based on Mongolia's many minerals. Includes herding and agriculture. Mongolians have many lifesyles based on their rich minerals. $3,200 (2009 in American dollars) We Are...
MONGOLIA Created by: Maia Taylor and Maison Sarria References:
(websites on the bottom of project checklist)
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