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Negus' Ideologies of the Music Industry

No description

Laura Haynes

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Negus' Ideologies of the Music Industry

Organic and synthetic Acts
Negus came up with two ways of catagorizing potential acts:
Organic and Synthetic.
These explain how the artists images are conveyed to the audience and may
affect their star image and may also affect how their careers are developed.
Finally it will also affect how they are marketed towards specific audiences.
The organic ideology states that a 'naturalistic' approach to artists is made. This means that they are staying true to who the band/artist is but making a few adjustments to make them even better and to bring who they are naturally to their career.
The image of the artist is 'enhanced' by the label.
The artist is given time to evolve and progress.
Perfect example of an Organic artist
His Image
'Emphasis is given to album sales and the construction of a successful back catalog'. - ideology from Keith Negus.
However, the fact that the internet has reduced album sales by being able to illegally download, it means that Negus' ideas are becoming less relevant in the sense of album sales, but his ideology is still relevant for concert sales.

Ed Sheeran has been on his headline tour '+' since 2011 and it is still running today. This highlights the high demand for is music and his success as an artist. Before he became a fully acclaimed artist he opened for:
Snow Patrol's Fallen Empires Tour (North American select dates) (2012)
Taylor Swift's Red Tour (all North American dates) (2013

Album and Concert sales
Keith Negus' ideologies of creativity
Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran is usually photographed with his guitar to emphasize that it is his music that he wants his audience to listen to and to convey that it is his passion to make music. Also as he is an acoustic artist it is essential, as part of his brand image, to emphasize that he is able to write and compose his own songs.
Ed Sheeran wears casual clothes such as hoodies, jeans and trainers to again convey that he does not want anything to distract his audience from his music. He does not want an elaborate set or fashion sense to distract from what matters most to him.
Ed Sheeran also emphasizes that he has always been passionate about music. This is conveyed through the fact that he uses the same guitar that he did when he busked. This is part of his brand image made by his label to highlight that he is an Organic artist.
Justin Bieber's image
He has well groomed hair, wears earings and jewelery and displays his tattoos to his audience. This subtly portrays that he is not as musically talented and s carrying an image to also be a fashion icon and 'heart throb' which takes away from the focus on his music and 'talent'.
The perfect example of a synthetic artist
When an artist is a synthetic artist the image of that artist is often constructed by the record company. The artist will also only be give a short amount of time to prove them self before the label tries a different artist or combination.

The emphasis is given to the total amount that their single sells and how well their first album does.
The audience for synthetic artists are usually younger and less sophisticated.

The profits made by these artists are usually immediate and a short term strategy.
The fact that he has well groomed hair and jewelery highlights that he is always photo ready and trying to be cool rather than just concentrating on his music.
Justin also likes to be topless a
lot of the time to attract female
attention. Therefore, one of the
stratagies to create a bigger target
audience, made by the record company, is again distracting from his music.
The fact that they have to do this highlights to us that he may not be as talented as some organic artists.
Justin Bieber
Unlike Ed Sheeran, the 'organic artist' that we looked at earlier, Justin Bieber does not write all of his own songs. He does compose some but he has a lot of them written for him highlighting that he is not as free to be himself and that the record label is composing his image for him by creating songs that they believe with target his audience, instead of letting him create the music that he wants to.
Justin Bieber's star image
Justin Bieber's star image has also changed since the time that he started in the music industry. When he began he was a sweet innocent boy that attracted young tween girls. However, now he is modeling his image upon fellow artists such as Drake. This drastic change again highlights how the record company are trying new combinations to generate more profit and that they are in control of the superstar.
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