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Newcomer News

No description

Heather Skinner

on 18 July 2018

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Transcript of Newcomer News

Clubs and Sports
There are a variety of clubs and organizations as well as athletic opportunities available to meet students' needs. Our
builds on students' musical talents and the
on academic achievements.
Student Council
participants exhibit strong leadership
qualities by maintaining limited responsibilities at school functions. The
PJHS Cat Spirit Club
is a group of enthusiastic students who promote school spirit and cultivate positive energy throughout the school.
students take aim at success and have competed nationally. Our
Career Technology
teachers added two new clubs recently -
Future Business Leaders of America and
Technology Students Association. Athletic teams and clubs at PJHS include
football, volleyball, softball, baseball, cheerleading, archery, wrestling, cross county, etc
.). We have recently added several electives to afford students a variety of experiences including
Computer Electronics, Choral Music, and Theater, Cultural Expressions
. In addition, the
Cat's Meow Theater Troup and a Creative Writing Club
have been added to pique student interests.
.....C a r D r i v e r s.....
.....B u s R i d e r s.....

Prattville and Autauga County have the capacity to support business growth and are focused on providing you the tools and services to make data-driven decisions when considering relocating, starting, or expanding your business in the Prattville/Autauga region.

In the last year, Prattville has realized several impressive growth factors such as:

New businesses establishing

Industrial expansions

Job creation

Capital investments from private business sources

Prattville is preparing for:
Industrial projects
Commercial projects
Retail/Restaurant interests
Infrastructure expansion
Fiber expansion
Faculty Favorites
Uncle Mick’s for Cajun food and awesome service

Launch for trampoline fun

Prattville Pickers for all those antique junkies/diy people

Catalyst Live youth worship every Wednesday 6:30 at Journey church on Shelia boulevard

Downtown Prattville and shops for a nice walk

Fox’s pizza for a cool pizza joint

Frios downtown for a popsicle

Cotton Creamery downtown for hand rolled ice cream

Ellianos for the best coffee in town

Rock’s BBQ for the BEST bbq in town (seconded only possibly to Fat Boys)

Wilderness Park (bamboo forest) for an outdoor adventure
Welcome to the
cats' canoe trail!

Things to Know BEFORE School Starts
Facts About Prattville
Unofficial Guide to Prattville and CATville
Prattville is a city in Autauga and Elmore counties in the State of Alabama. As of the 2010 census, the population of the city is 33,960. Nicknamed "The Fountain City" due to the many artesian wells in the city, it serves as the county seat of Autauga.

Prattville was founded in 1839 by industrialist and architect Daniel Pratt. The area was largely inhabited by Native Americans and a few settlers when Pratt first observed the Autauga Creek in the 1830s. He purchased approximately 1,000 acres at $21.00 an acre, and set out to build his manufacturing facilities and the town along the banks of Autauga Creek. The location was chosen because the creek could supply power to the cotton gin manufacturing equipment. The town became an industrial center and rapidly grew. In 1868, it was named the county seat for Autauga County.

Prattville contains several sites on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Daniel Pratt Historic District, Bell House and Buena Vista.

The word "Autauga" is derived from the Native American word "Atagi" which means "pure water".
Registration Requirements
CLICK BELOW for Dress Code Video
Local Churches
Local Dentists
Parks & Rec
People You May Need to Know
Drivers must stay off cell phones.
Follow directions from teachers on duty.
Utilize both lanes.
The street light is a signal for STUDENTS to load or wait. It is not a signal for cars.
If student doesn't load car when all other cars have loaded, driver must go around again.
Students not picked up by 3:40pm will be sent to front office area.
2 weeks after
school starts.
.....C a r R i d e r s.....
At dismissal, gather your belongings & go DIRECTLY to car line---> your ride is waiting on you.
Be ready to load & watch for your ride.
Students can not leave sidewalk until the traffic light turns

Bell Schedule

*All carpool rules
are in place to ensure
the SAFETY of
ALL students!*
If you ride 1st load, your bus will be parked out front at dismissal.
All other riders will wait for their bus in the front of the school.
*Remember, a timely, reliable bus is available
for all students.
So glad you moved here. You'll love it here. I'm the unofficial, self appointed tour guide. Do you want me to show you around?
Hi. I'm PJ. Who are you?
Sure. Are we going in a canoe?
Best way to travel. Hop in!
Economic Development
I'm Tony. I'm new. I don't know my way around.
Mrs. Stockman
AKA Mama Cat
Mr. Camara
Mrs. Skinner
8th Gr. Asst. Principal
7th Gr. Asst. Principal
Mrs. Monica
AKA The BEST Cajun Chef
Nurse Johnston
Mr. Gabe
This is great! Can you tell me about the school?
Sure! You're gonna love it! There's some stuff you need to know, but don't worry... we're in this together!
P r a t t v i l l e
Junior High School

Parents/Guardians seeking to enroll students into the Autauga County
School System must provide the following information:
1. Proof of Residence (must provide any 2 of the following):
-Home ownership title consisting of either a warranty deed, quit-claim deed,
or security deed
-Residential (apartment or home) lease
-Current Utilities - power, water, or gas (only one will be accepted)
-Current Autauga County property tax statement
-Current W-2 Statement for the location of the legal residence
2. Parent’s Picture ID
3. Student’s Social Security Card (Optional)
4. Student’s Birth Certificate
5. Student’s Report Card/Withdrawal Form
6. Student’s Alabama Immunization Record
7. Custody Papers (If applicable)

In the event the student resides with the parent the majority of the time, and the
required documents are in the spouse's name, a marriage certificate must be provided
with the proofs of residence

In the event none of the above documentation exists or the documentation
submitted is insufficient to verify a legal residence within in the District,
the Principal shall require the parent/guardian claiming residency to complete
a statement of legal residence.
Department of Transportation: 334.361.3897
Battle Ground Lazer Tag
131 N. Memorial Drive Prattville, AL 36067
(334) 689-5297

Prattville Y M C A
600 East Main St. Prattville, AL 36067-
(334) 365-8852

Prattville Country Club
723 US Highway 82 Prattville, AL 36067
(334) 365-4497

MJM Entertainment
105 Meadow Oaks Court Millbrook, AL 36054
(334) 200-9558

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Capital Hill
702 Redfield Rd, Prattville, AL 36066
(334) 285-9055
Robbie Blackwell Golf
2600 Constitution Avenue Prattville 36066
(334) 333-3300

Autauga Adventures LLC
1503 Montauga Road Prattville, AL 36067
(335) 365-1387

Launch Trampoline Park
891 Boardroom Drive Prattville, AL 36066
(334) 568-2041

SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Center
1962 Suncrest Drive Prattville, AL 36067
(334) 531-7019
local RECreation
The purpose of Prattville Junior High School is to provide educational opportunities which enable our students to acquire knowledge, skills, and personal experiences for responsible citizenship and lifelong learning. We will address the emotional and academic needs of our
students by providing a nurturing environment which fosters high expectations and encourages our students to become critical thinkers.

PJHS shares the vision of the Autauga County School System and is committed to "Learning Today...Leading Tomorrow."

A. Levelized Core Course Work
I. Basic classes in the areas of English and Math:
a. One highly-qualified teacher to introduce new material
b. One special education teacher to meet the needs of those who
require specialized instruction
c. Lower class size
d. Added remediation
II. Advanced classes
a. Pre-algebra, science, geography/citizenship, English, and world history
i. Higher level of expectations, and increased use of critical thinking skills.
B. Carnegie Unit in Algebra I for qualifying students
C. Monitoring of Testing Data
I. Disaggregated data utilized in instructional planning
II. Disaggregated data utilized in student placement
III. Performance Series testing 3 times a year for progress monitoring
D. Expectations
I. Expectations are communicated to students and all stakeholders in a variety of ways
a. Website
b. Attached to report cards and progress reports
c. Assemblies
d. Intercom/Announcements
e. Principal's letter on the website and distributed to stakeholders
f. Digital Sign
g. INow Parent Portal
h. NOTIFY ME utilized often through school website
i. Social Media outlets

PJHS embodies the county's mission through its program offerings and expectations for students in, but not limited to, the following ways:
PJHS= No Bully Zone
Taekwondo USA
Mann Dance Studio
CJ's Dance Factory
Centre for Performing Arts
Archery Unlimited
Tiger Rock Taekwondo Academy
Bama Lanes Bowling Alley
Prattville YMCA
Prattville Parks & Rec Dept.
P'Zazz Art Studio
Way Off Broadway Theater

City Sports &
Other Learning Opportunities

Our state standardized test scores consistently rank at the top of Autauga County and among the elite in the state of Alabama. Our students continually exhibit excellence in academics, extracurricular, and community involvement.
Test Scores
Bell Schedule & Class Change
Don't be afraid of the bullhorn.
Stop and listen to instructions/ announcements given.
We are so glad you are going to
be part of our CAT family!!
It is going to be a PAW-some year!!!
Wow! There's a lot of activities here!
1.Find out for sure how you're getting home.

2. Registration policies.

3.Don't be scared when someone yells through the bullhorn. Bullhorns are one of the oldest & most reliable methods of communication in written history. We yell because we care.

4. You will not get your schedule until the first day of school. We are still completing them until the night before school starts as students continue to enroll.

5. You are not allowed to use cell phones at school. We are not mean; cell phones are a huge distraction. If you don't like it, write your Senator. :)

6. Learn the names of your Senators.

7. You can purchase snacks, drinks, and lunches at school or bring your own from home. * You cannot have drink bottles out in class or in the hallways.

8. Some classes have fees. Because funding is limited, fees are needed so teachers can implement fun stuff like STEM labs, guest speakers, and tech gadgets.

9.All rules are in place to provide a safe and effective learning environment. Breaking the rules= consequences...familiarize yourself with the code of conduct.

10. Learn to yell "GO CATS!" Say it loud, say it proud... GO CATS!
PJ's Tips for the
Coolest Cats
Someone You Don't Want to Meet
Mr. Stoudemire
ISS/ Security
(In School Suspension)
The ladies who feed the cats offer delicious meals and the world's best cheese GRITS!
You can send cash or check payable to PJHS CNP.
Grace Life Church
First Baptist Church
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost Church
Prattville Community Church
First Missionary Baptist Church
Indian Hills Church of God
Pilgrim's Rest Church
Evangel Church
New Jericho Baptist
New Vision Baptist Church
Hunter Hills Church of Christ
Trinity United Methodist Church
Open Door Baptist Church
Fountain City Baptist Church
Journey Church
First United Methodist Church

For many more, go to churchfinder.com
and search "Prattville"
Wood, Alan A Dr
Paul D Elizey Gen Dentistry
Kornegay, J Randall DMD
Matthew D. Holley, D.M.D., P.C.
Prattville Pediatric Dentistry
Kornegay, Kim P DMD PC
E Gray Penton DMD
Petrunic Orthodontics
Price & Trulove Orthodontics
First, do no harm
Take pride in your school.
Be patient.
As a matter of fact, your parents & teachers DO know what is best for you.
Your words & actions should be honorable.
Learn to use a semicolon.
Greet your family before you check your phone in the morning.
Make friends in person, in real time.
Don't throw anything ever.
Don't make excuses.
Do hard things.
Surround yourself with great people.
Don't dye your hair.
There are tons of activities here. Join in and Make friends!
You can do this. We're better together!
Just Kidding!
He has history in law enforcement and is a County Commissioner. He is great at keeping our school safe and making sure everything runs smoothly. He's awesome, and he's got your back!!
Ways to Stay Informed
School website
Follow us on Instagram: catspjhs
Free/ Reduced Lunch forms are available in the front office.
Welcome to PJHS!
We welcome all of you moving
into the area and want to say a special welcome to our military families.
So, is it weird being the new kid?
Haha!! True!

Yeah... but not as weird as riding in a canoe with a cat.
First let me tell
you about Prattville, then
I will tell you about the school.
Tips from the Principals
1. Do not touch anyone or their stuff.
2. If a teacher reprimands your behavior, do NOT explain why you did it. Simply correct your behavior.
If a teacher reprimands another student, do NOT comment.
3. If you do happen to get into trouble, the teacher will still be glad to see you the next day. You will start each day with a "tabula rasa." Google it.
4. Your behavior on the school bus should be excellent. The driver should not be distracted. This is a safety issue to be taken seriously.
5. Use social media wisely. It can easily ruin relationships and reputations.
6. Never bring social media drama to school. The consequences will be severe.
7. Look your teachers in the eyes and introduce yourself.
8. There is no problem that violence won't make worse.
9. We strictly enforce the cell phone rules
10. Don't be afraid of your new school. You're a cat now ! Welcome to the family!
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