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William Golding Influences

No description

brendon emmott

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of William Golding Influences

Influences on Lord of the Flies William Gerald Golding Personal Influences Father was a school teacher
Mother was an activist in the suffrage movement in England
well educated (reputable grammar school, sciences at Oxford, majored in literature)
became teacher and social worker
shows influence from parents
Deep interest in the arts and more of a left wing socialist
unusual for men at this time Literary Influences Coral Island Cultural Influences People's ability to perform savage acts was fresh on everybody's minds
Aware that people aren't good or bad, black or white
Tension between Democratic and Communist countries
People became interested in technological advances
Golding had a traditional upbringing and higher education
Influenced by British way of life where everything is very proper:
monarchy and the Crown
deep-rooted traditions
formal behaviours and attitudes
Historical Influences greatly affected by World War Two
became a Lieutenant for the Royal Navy
commanded his own ship
experienced the vulgarity that humans can treat each other with
helped formulate his belief that every man has evil hidden inside of him
Hitler and the holocaust
Allies dropped nuclear bombs on Japan
written in 1858
3 English schoolboys stranded on a deserted island
Lord of the Flies is very similar
marooned on island
characters named Ralph and Jack
Golding makes you believe that they are similar at the beginning to add a drastic effect when things change
he uses your assumption that they are proper British boys to prove that all humans have barbaric characteristics
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