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Copy of review

No description

Jasper Potter

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of review

Review English Mixed Figurative Language First Person POV Simile Personification Alliteration Onomatopoeia Find as many examples as possible First hand account of a story. Pronouns: I, me, we, my Comparison using "like" or "as" A big giant exaggeration Giving Human Characteristics to a non human object Repetition of consonants Sound words Hyperbole Metaphor Comparison of two things NOT using Like or As Third Person Limited Hearing/Feeling the thoughts and emotions of ONE character. Pronouns: He, she, him, her Third Person Omniscient Hearing the thoughts/feelings of MANY characters. Pronouns: He, she, they, them Character Vs. Character A character in a struggle with another character Character vs. Supernatural Character struggles with supernatural elements Metaphor Comparison of two things NOT using Like or As Character Vs. Society Character struggles with community or large group Character Vs. Technology Character struggles with technology Character Vs. Nature Character vs. Self Character struggles with him or herself Character struggles with natural elements Foreshadowing Hints or Clues as to what is happening next Irony When the figurative meaning is the opposite of the literal meaning Theme A universal truth that many can relate to Plot Sequence of events in a story Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Background information Story starts to gain momentum Moment the story is at its most intense Story starts to come to a close Story comes to a reasonable ending Character vs. Self Character struggles with him or herself Character vs. Self Character struggles with him or herself Tone & Mood Tone= Author's attitude
Mood=How the reader feels Symbolism A tangible object that represents something intangible Now look back for the clues What things symbolize death, innocence, youth?
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