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Coffee presentation

No description

Daniel Gatto

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Coffee presentation

Coffee... An inspiring infusion Origin ... ... and next ... The worst ... Blue Mountain Kopi Luwak Kaldi Benefits What is coffee? Who discover it? Prevents cardiovascular disease
Prevents cancer
Liver disease
Alzheimer's disease
One of the greatest source of antioxidants "A taste of Heaven on Earth" When it was discovered? The best of them... Jamaica "Exotic and unique" "Torrado" The End " You must avoid it" Arabica Heavy Rainfall
Protection from direct sunlight
Temperatures between 18 & 30c
Can not survive frost
Grows better over 2000 meters
It has superior flavor and intense aroma Robusta Survive with less rainfall
Grows well under 2000 meters
Resistance to diseases
Cheaper coffee available
Inferior Flavor 4 to 12 cups daily Crazy goat
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