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03.04 Central and South American Legacies and Contributions

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Luisa Lemos

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of 03.04 Central and South American Legacies and Contributions

Investigation of the City of Miramar Ruins
Communication Discovery
Religious Discovery
Transportation Discovery
Clothing Discovery
Economic Discovery
The Smartphones were a mobile phone that people used to communicate with each other thousands of years ago. These phones had the functionality of digital cameras, GPS, video cameras and many others.
The U.S. dollar or American dollar, was the official currency of the United States one thousand years ago. Internationally, it was the currency most used.
The Christian cross was the most known religious symbol back then. The archeologist concluded that there were many churches in the city and it shows that the people in the city were religious.
This automobile is believed to be an old form of transportation . The people were able to move around the city thanks to this car. However, these cars ran with something called fuel, which back then was really expensive.
Although archeologists found different type of clothing, as if everyone had a particular style. The most common style were the "blue jeans". They were very popular article for casual dress. Also, these jeans made a big part of the American culture back than.
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