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MIT Application

No description

Nadeen Shaalan

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of MIT Application

Born in Egypt Actress What I Hope to Gain From the Program Nadine Shaalan Example of my
Entrepreneurial Skills I look forward to meeting and interacting with like-minded, self-starter and motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds as well as learning from esteemed professors who can guide me. Bookworm Baker Started a book review blog 2 lead performances this fall Why I am Interested in Launch In 6th grade when I wanted a smart phone, I created a PPT presentation and "plead my case". I did not take no for an answer and instead re-presented my proposal through negotiation until I succeeded in getting the approval. After finding that students would pay for my baked cookies, I took the initiative to start a mini business. I created spreadsheets to calculate the cost and optimal price. I then sold some of my old books and toys to buy a professional mixer. This winter I raised funds for my school's musical by utilizing social media (Facebook,Twitter) and selling advertizements to local businesses. I also participated in a flash mob to raise awareness about the musical. I firmly believe the business and leadership skills offered in this program will be invaluable to my personal and professional growth. I appreciate the unique participatory approach to Launch and I welcome the opportunity to learn in a collaborative teamwork environment. As an artistic person in a science school, I am trained to think logically but inclined to be creative. Launch's integrated method will allow me to exercise both sides of my brain. A better understanding of the "entrepreneurial ecosystem" A supporting network of current entrepreneurs and professionals in the industry. A more in depth knowledge of start- up business building blocks, so I can take my "lemonade stand" type ideas to the next professional level. Hands on Approach The People Relevant
Curriculum Engage Left AND Right Brain * Wharton MBA Start-up consultant (Mother)
* Hedge Fund Consultant (Father) Also, Student Body President for 2 years in middle school Class President (2011-present) Started a mini business within the school Meet Nadine MIT Summer Launch Program
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