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The Prophet of Yonwood

By Jeanne DuPrau

Callum Garrity

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of The Prophet of Yonwood

The Prophet Of Yonwood By: Jeanne DuPrau Main Characters Nickie An eleven year old girl who goes to a town called yonwood to help her aunt sell a house and eventually becomes a founder of the city of ember, wich is in the first book of this series. Grover A local boy that lives in Yonwood who made friends with Nickie, he loves nature and eventually finds a medicine from snake venom wich helps the human race. Althea Tower An old lady who lives in the
town of Yonwood. In the begging
of the book she is called the
prophet because she sees visions
of what will happen in the future. Brenda Beeson The leader of yonwood who deciphers the words of the prophet. Brenda also tells everybody what to do to stop the war. Crystal Crystal is Nickie's aunt who is selling the
house in Yonwood. She does not want to
stay in yonwood and she is a very bitter woman. Amanda She once was taking care of Nickie's grandfather who lived in the house they are trying to sell now. She becomes friends with Nickie but is send to help take care of the Prophet. Otis Amanda's dog that she was hiding with but then had to abondon when she left to go help the Prophet. Hoyt McCoy Hoyt is an astronomer
who is agianst the ways
of Brenda Beeson. Niether of the two like eachother. Nickie a young girl, travels with her aunt Crystal to a little town called Yonwood. Here in the town Nickie and her aunt try and sell a house that was owned by her grandfather who just passed away. While cleaning out the house Nickie had found a young girl like her with a dog who had been hiding there. This girls name was Amanda and she was to take care of Nickie's grandfather, then he passed away, but she had nowhere to go, so she stayed there. Nickie kept Amanda and the dog Otis a secret from her aunt because she just simply could not find out, in addition her aunt hated dogs. Nickie meets a local boy named grover and then soon befriend eachother. An old woman named Elthea Tower became ill after she had a horrible vision about what had happened. Brenda Beeson a good friend of hers took care of her while she was ill and decipherd what Althea was saying. Brenda would tell everyone what the Prophet told them to do. Later on in the book Nickie breaks into the Prophets house and trys to speak to her, herself. When Althea was still unresponsive Nickie's shouting and yelling awoke her. Althea does not remember anything so Nickie tells her what has happened. Althea explains that she was not giving orders to tell Brenda what to do, just what she had seen. Brenda is then over ruled by the citizens because everyone disobeyed her after that. Nickies father reveals something about what he has been doing and that relates to the first book, the city of ember. You will just have to read the book to see what happens next. Theme Summary The theme of this book is to never stop believing. If you have faith in something then it will most likely turn out good in the long run. It has told me that I should never stop believing and always have faith in what I want to happen. This is the theme because even though all of the things Brenda told everyone to do was wrong, they all had faith and the world didn't come to an end. Quotes "These are dangerous times" he said "But with God we will prevail". I thought this qoute was important because it says it through out the book and everything does come out just fine. "It could be a threat, or a warning. We have heard reports about someone wandering in the hills." I thought this qoute was important because it's about someone lurking in the woods and there could be trouble in Yonwood. "At first he thought he was imagining it, it was so faint. A light seemed to be growing behind the curtained and shuttered windows on the ground floor. The whole world seemed to go silent, and in the sky over Hoyt McCoy's house a brilliant line, thin as a wire, shot across the darkness." I thought this qoute was important
because it shows that something is
wrong with this man Hoyt McCoy.
This is very suspicious and it might
have something to do with him being
an astronomer. Figurative Language/
Literary devices. Similie: "They stared at the broken window, which looked like a great snaggle-toothed mouth with a bloody tongue hanging out the bottom." Symbolism: "It was like a waking dream. Trees and grass and birds faded away, and in their place she saw blinding flashes of light so searingly bright she staggered backward, dropping her sack of birdseed, and fell onto the ground. Billows of fire rose around her, and hot wind roared. She felt herself flung high into the sky and from there she looked down at the dreadful scene. The whole earth boiled with flames and black smoke." This symbolizes something bad that is going to happen. Even though it just seemed like the earth burning down in flames and just a natural disaster it wasn't. In the book it was not the end of the world so there must have been something bad that was going to happen. Opinion In my opinion I thought the book was great. If you have read any of the previous books in this series and you liked them then you will most likely like this one. I read the other two books before this and I also thought this one was great. I highly recomend reading this book even though it has a whole different story to it. Some things are connected to the first book in the end of this book. The First Book The Second book The Third book The fourth and last book
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