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Do we actually set our own course in our life, or is it alre

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Scott O'Brien

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Do we actually set our own course in our life, or is it alre

Do we set our own course?
Do we set our own course? If life is a journey, then who is driving? Some people think they make their own decisions about where to turn and how far to drive, while others feel that they are following a course set by someone or something else.
Many people believe that we set our own course in life
- What about things that we can't control?
Ex. someone decides to ride in a certain car that ends up in a car accident killing them.
-Was that their fault for getting in the car, or was it already decided that they would get in the car and that it would crash?
-The children in the Lord of the Flies had no control over them crashing on that island.
Fate deciding our course for us
"Our findings suggest, however, that the compulsion to strive, the talent to prosper and the ability to overcome failure are strongly inherited."
- Gregory Clark
Our Course Being Predetermined by Ancestors
Setting our own course

We can set our own course to an extent, but there are some things in life that we cannot control. There are risks we take every day like riding in the car to get somewhere, where that is a risk for potentially getting in a car crash and getting injured or dying.

Other things that are out of our control
Location (for duration of childhood)
Natural Disasters

Nature vs. Nurture
"Nature only predisposes you to be a certain way but its nurture that determines how you view the world and how you make your choices and that's what determines the outcome of your life "
- Katy Thompson, mentor

- A very good example of setting your own course is the book The Other Wes Moore

Wes 1 vs. Wes 2
Wes 1
Wes 2
- Stays away from drugs and illegal activity
- Starts dealing drugs young and participated in illegal activity
- Does not risk having a baby at a young age
- Has a baby at a young age
- Never been to jail, accomplished famous writer
- In jail for life
Other people
- Everything you have ever experienced affects your choices and decisions
- Unless you have complete control over your experiences, then you do not have complete control over your decisions
- Wes 2's course in life could have been extremely different if he had a different parental situation.

- If his mother had put a stop to his drug dealing at a young age and put him in military school, then he could have possibly turned out positive like Wes 1

Clark, Gregory. "Your Ancestors, Your Fate." Opinionator Your Ancestors Your Fate Comments.
The New York Times, 21 Feb. 2014. Web. 9 June 2015. . This article talks about our ancestors
and how they can affect our daily lives, and our entire lives. He explains how studies have proven
that certain traits can be passed down that can make you more intelligent, hard working, lazy,

Golding, William, and Edmund L. Epstein. Lord of the Flies: A Novel. New York: Perigee, 1954. Print. Lord of the Flies is a book read in our English class about a group of boys who were stranded on a remote island with no adults because of a plane crash that they could not control. This shows that there are some things in life that can happen that are out of your control. This incident even meant death for some of the boys.

Gonchar, Michael. "How Much Control Do You Think You Have Over Your Fate?" The Learning Network How Much Control Do You Think You Have Over Your Fate Comments. The New York Times, 25 Feb. 2014. Web. 5 June 2015. . Gonchar provides input about his opinion on setting his own course in life. He also lists a few studies to back up his information. The economy is mentioned and he talks about how some people are born poor and how they have no control over that. One of the studies he lists states that our ancestors influence our daily lives a lot more than many would think. There are also educated opinions and comments from others near the bottom of the page that also help me with my question.

Moore, Wes. The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates. 2010. Print. The other Wes Moore is a great example how you can set your own course in life. It is about two young African - American boys who are living in the same situation. However, one turns to drug dealing and other illegal things and ended up in jail for life, and the other ended up being an accomplished author who actually wrote the book.

Thompson, Katy, Interview, 9 June 2015; Do you set your own course?
Katy Thompson answers some of my questions pertaining to the question do you set your own course in life. She thinks we do, and does not believe in fate/destiny. However she admits that there are things that are out of our control, like other people, natural disasters, car crashes, etc. My interview with her has helped me gain some more insight on this question
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