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Evelina koch

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Infoabend

Welcome to our presentation of AIESEC
- the world's largest student driven organization- Find out more about: What is AIESEC?
The chances AIESEC offers you
Our Teams and Projects
AIESEC and you
Next Steps
Get in touch :) Your opportunities
in AIESEC Exchange Programmes
= social Internships in the following areas:
Culture, Education, Green, Entrepreneur

Duration of an internship: 6 to 8 Weeks
Voluntary work
Fee: 350 € Firmenkontakte Leipzig arbeitet zur Zeit aktiv zuammen mit:

Bundesagentur für Arbeit
Stadtwerke Leipzig
etc... unsere Teams Outgoing Exchange Support of the students from Leipzig, who want to do an internship abroad
Interview interested students
Support during the internship
Enable students to have an unforgettable time abroad Incoming Exchange Raising internships in Leipzig
Direct contact with companies
Allow international students make an internship in Leipzig: DHL... Talent Management Recruitment
Long-term Human Resources Planning
Development of members
Organizing workshops and conferences (internal +external) Communication Branding
Marketing Materials
Public Relations
Social Media (Blog, Facebook...)
Homepage Finance Finance Planning
Annual financial statement
Audit of annual account
Finance conferences What does AIESEC do exactly?? Standards für Mitarbeit: 1x per week Local Committee Meeting
(Monday 20:00 pm)
Weekly team meeting
Time for workshops and conferences
To take part in AIESEC no member contribution is needed Next Steps Write your name and E-Mail on our list Get to know our Local Committee and our members on Monday at 20:00 in SR1 (Institutsgebäude, Uni Leipzig) Newie Introductory Conference: Weekend
3./4.November in Dresden Questions? Leadership Exchange 113 Countries 780 Local committees 2400 Universities 86.000 members 24.000 Leadership Positions 5.000 International Internships 15.000 International Volunteer
Experiences External Relations And who is the responsible of coordinating the teams? Local committee President Representant of the Committee
Leads the executive board
Communication with the region and the national executive board
Set and coordinate the long-term goals Organize (Business) Projects
Get in touch with companies
Take care of the Board of Supporters and Board of Advisors Global Community Development Program: Global Internship Programme = professional Internship in the following areas: IT, Engineering, Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing

Duration: 3-18 Months
Fee: 350 € Example for an internship:

Field of work: Business Administration

Company: Electrolux

Salary: 1000 $ / month

Language skills are required
Some of our partners are DHL, Ericsson, Microsoft, Nike and Unilever.
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