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Presentation of AEGEE Summer Universities

Dejan Vrzel

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of AEGEE SU

Summer Universities AE... what? student association in over 200 cities all over Europe Type of events summer or winter universities conferences about all sorts of topics themed events local holidays
courses about the environment, public relations, advertising, politics, human rights, telecommunications ...and many other things! over 300 per year you can find them on
www.aegee.org/events So ... what is a Summer University? Language course (Plus) Over two weeks you get a chance to learn a language during at least 16 hours of tuition. The Plus edition lasts longer and includes additional hours of tuition. Don't worry - party is included! Summer Course Summer Courses are about a specific local culture related topic that does not focus on learning a language. Participants receive at least 10 hours of well worthy tuition. Travelling Summer University TSUs are usually organised by at least two AEGEE locals. During the 2-3 weeks of cultural trips across Europe, the group visits at least 4 different places. There is no formal tuition provided; the aim of this event is to enjoy the lifestyle and culture of a place.

Important to remember is that AEGEE Summer University courses are more about interacting with people rather than focussing on serious studying. You will, for example, not receive ECTS for participating. Summer Universities are a chance to increase your international awareness by gaining a deepened knowledge of the country visited and the cultures of the inhabitants. Summer Event These events focus on cultural exchange. They last about 1-2 weeks and give participants the chance to experience a lot of culture in short time. www.aegee.org/su And the costs? The prices (for the average duration of 2 weeks), are:
LC, SC and SE: 140 €
LC + and TSU: 180 €

If the SU lasts longer, or less, the price varies. What is included? Accommodation during the whole event.
Meals: Two per day of which at least one is warm. Vegetarian, non-pork food and other special requeriments will be provided.
Transportation during the event, tickets to recreational sites, cultural landmarks, activities, museums ... and everything else included in the program. And of course the parties! So, do you like it? Follow the stars to the list of events on


where you can also find additional information about each SU and AEGEE in general! Presentation created by
Dejan Vrzel, AEGEE-Maribor
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