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Mapping Social Science Data

find, create and share social science data maps online

Sandi Caldrone

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Mapping Social Science Data

A hands-on introduction to finding, creating and publishing social science data maps online. by Sandi Caldrone
for 504 Reference, Spring 2012
Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois add place markers in a variety of shapes and colors
draw paths Google Maps U.S. Census Maps with this prezi, you can: Let's go exploring... browse free online mapping tools find and customize existing maps create your own maps save and share your maps online Neat stuff to do with Google Maps Start your journey here... map data from a spreadsheet
easily group data with color coded markers
add text to your markers fast
visualize your data with pie charts and clustering Use BatchGeo to... BatchGeo A custom sample map for Girls in the Game Export the report to Excel Congrats! You just mapped data. Paste Excel data into BatchGeo Validate and group your data Choose a Salesforce report (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr For example, let's map our participants by race
Navigate to Reports > Programs
Choose the Race Overall Unduplicated report
Let's customize it to include zip codes and remove participants' names
It's always important to keep participant names and contact information confidential
From the report screen, click Export Details
Then click Export
From Excel, copy all of the data you want to map including column headings
Go to http://batchgeo.com and paste your data where BatchGeo asks you to
On the BatchGeo page, under Validate and Set Options, match your zip code column heading to the BatchGeo Zip/Postcode/Country field
Set Group by/Thematic value to Race
Notice the legend at the bottom showing which race/ethnicity each color represents
Zoom in and out on your map and watch the pie charts adjust accordingly Fine print: This example relies on a private database only accessible to Girls in the Game employees. For use outside of Girls in the Game, please replace this example with one more suited to your audience. This presentation is part of a lesson plan created to fulfill an assignment in a graduate course on library and information science. You are welcome to use it for your own learning or to teach others. The lesson is intended for adults studying or working in the social sciences or social services. It is designed for adults who are Internet literate, but have little to no experience mapping data. Although some of the mapping tools covered
may be used for travel, directions, or understanding geographical information, the lesson is focused on mapping information about society (e.g. maps showing census information or the distribution of health centers). The final tutorial is targeted to employees of Girls in the Game, my workplace, and relies on access to a private database. Ideally, anyone else using this as an instruction tool should replace this tutorial with one better suited to their audience. allow others to edit your map
outline custom shapes
attach information, photos and video to your place markers
search the area for services, business, attractions, etc. view your map as a street map or satellite image To merge
two Google Maps... open your first map
on the left, right click KML
select Save link as
save it
open your second map
click Edit, then Import
select your saved map Ready to share you map with the real world? Check out Google's instructions on embedding your map in a website: http://http://support.google.com/maps/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=72644 Select a table Brag about it! You just created a custom census map. Select data you want to map go to http://factfinder2.census.gov Make adjustments Narrow by topic For this example...
Go to Guided Search
under Topic, choose People > Education > Educational Attainment
under Geographies, select State > All States within United States a list of census tables will appear
click the first one: Selected Social Characteristics in the United States click Create a Map
scroll down to the Educational Attainment subject
click the left-most number in the Bachelor's degree row
click Show Map With the menus on the left of your map, you can easily
change the color scheme and transparency
change the boundaries and features on your map
find locations
place markers Let's use a different tool called American Fact Finder to create a map of how many people in each state have a Bachelor's Degree... American Fact Finder Last stop... There's more to see over here... This way... For a video tutorial, visit: http://factfinder2.census.gov/legacy/create_map.html Links and Resources 7 Free Tools To Create Maps And Directions Online. (n.d.). Retrieved May 4, 2012, from http://www.smashingapps.com/2010/10/21/7-free-tools-to-create-maps-and-directions-online.html
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