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Product Development - Prezi Template

Download this template from Prezibase.com Product Development Prezi Template.Suitable for many presentation topics. Prezi template with lot of options. Good for business presentations. Includes tile elements, smartphone element and a thinking human

Raido Sillaste

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Product Development - Prezi Template

Step by Step
Idea Generation.
The development of a product will start with the concept. The rest of the process will ensure that ideas are tested for their viability, so in the beginning all ideas are good ideas.
Idea Screening
This step is crucial to ensure that unsuitable ideas, for whatever reason, are rejected as soon as possible. Ideas need to be considered objectively, ideally by a group or committee.

Concept Development
& Testing
You have an idea and it’s passed the screening stage. However, internal opinion isn’t the most important. You need to ask the people that matter – your customers.Using a small group of your true customer base – those that convert – the idea need to be tested to see their reaction.

Business Analysis
Once the concept has been tested and finalised, a business case needs to be put together to assess whether the new product/service will be profitable. This should include a detailed marketing strategy, highlighting the target market, product positioning and the marketing mix that will be used.

Product Development
If the new product is approved, it will be passed to the technical and marketing development stage. This is when a prototype or a limited production model will be created. This means you can investigate exact design & specifications and any manufacturing methods, but also gives something tangible for consumer testing, for feedback on specifics like look, feel and packaging for example.

Test Marketing
Test marketing (or market testing) is different to concept or consumer testing, in that it introduces the prototype product following the proposed marketing plan as whole rather than individual elements.This process is required to validate the whole concept and is used for further refinement of all elements, from product to marketing message.
When the concept has been developed and tested, final decisions need to be made to move the product to its launch into the market. Pricing and marketing plans need to be finalised and the sales teams and distribution briefed, so that the product and company is ready for the final stage.

A detailed launch plan is needed for this stage to run smoothly and to have maximum impact. It should include decisions surrounding when and where to launch to target your primary consumer group. Finally in order to learn from any mistakes made, a review of the market performance is needed to access the success of the project.
And if all goes well ...
Design Elements:
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