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Test-Taking Strategies

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Mary Burnham

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Test-Taking Strategies

Test-Taking Strategies
Do not rely on luck.
Although sometimes it's fun to believe in luck, luck alone cannot help you do well on tests. The best way to do well on a test is to take responsibility for yourself by taking the time and effort to do well.
Do your best every day!
5th grade is not an easy year. You are getting ready for middle school and your teachers are giving you more responsibility and a lot more homework! Sometimes, it feels like you will never learn all you need to know. Many students begin to feel hopeless, and sometimes it seems easier to give up.

If you learn just 1 new thing each day, at the end of the year you will know 365 new things! If you try everyday, you will be surprised at how all of this learning adds up to!
Read the directions and questions carefully!
Speeding through the test does not help!
Answer Every Question!
Pay Attention to yourself and not to others.
You Can Do Your Best On Tests!
Test-taking strategies are tools to help you show what you know on tests. Tools are not tricks. Using good test-taking strategies is not cheating. The best students are not geniuses; they have learned to use good test-taking strategies. They learned what they need to do to show what they know when they are taking tests.
You can learn these test-taking strategies too!
Use your common sense!
You know a lot more than what you've learned in school. Most people solve problems what they know from their daily lives as well as many things they have learned in school. Use your common sense!
Always recheck your work.
Everyone makes mistakes. The most mistakes are made when students feel a little worried or rushed. Checking your work is very important. Careless mistakes can easily lead to a wrong answer, even when you've figured out the answer correctly.
Get to know the test.
The more you get used to the types of questions and how to record your answers, the better you will do. You will also save yourself time, time you can use to answer the questions instead of trying to understand how they work!
Be an active learner.
To learn you must be an active learner.
To be an active learner you must...
pay attention to what is being said
ask yourself questions about what you hear in class
listen to your teacher and classmates when they are talking and think about their ideas.
work to solve difficult problems
Do Not Get Stuck on One Question!
One of the biggest mistakes that students make on a state test is to get stuck on one question. The test gives you many chances to show all you have learned. If you do not know the answer to one or two questions, your test score will not be ruined. If you feel stuck, make yourself move on. Do not tie up all your time on one difficult question. No one knows all of the answers on a test. Just circle the question that is giving you trouble and come back to it later.
Most fifth graders think directions are pretty boring. Many of you think you've heard every direction ever invented, and it is easy for you to tune out directions. Not paying careful attention to the question that is being asked is a very bad idea. Read the directions and questions carefully and slowly. Repeat them to yourself. Ask yourself if what you are reading makes sense.
There will always be some students who finish the test more quickly than others, but this does not mean their scores will be better. It doesn't matter whether you finish quickly or slowly. As long as you take your time, prepare for the test, and pay attention, you should do just fine. No one will get a better score just for finishing first. Students do their best when they work carefully, not too slow and not too fast!
On state tests, it is better to guess than to leave a question blank on multiple choice questions. Some people don't like to guess because they are afraid of choosing the wrong answer, but there is nothing wrong with guessing if you can't figure out the correct answer.
When you are taking a test, it is easy to look around the room and wonder how your friends are doing. This is a waste of time. Instead, use your time and energy to show what you know. If you find your attention wandering away from the test, give yourself a little break.
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