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Daniella's Technology Portfolio


Daniella Aronsohn

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Daniella's Technology Portfolio

Daniella Aronsohn's Portfolio Word Prossessor Technology Portfolio My name is Daniella Aronsohn. I love to use technology and being in this class has helped me learn more about technology so that I can use it in the future. I have created many thing in technology that were realy fun to do. I like using Prezi because it is different than what we usually do in my tech class. I learned How I can keyboard faster and more accuratelly. I learned how to use excel and word. I also learned to Make cool Projects and videos. I have loved using word prossesser and getting to know all about the little twirks and gadgets that it has. This is my classroom for tech where I do all my work. Keyboarding is really fun and will help me later in life!!! This slide is a little about me, it is cool and tells a little about me that you may not know yet! Excel Excel is a Grid sheet that alows us to make tables and graphs. Excel has helped me understand word and alot of other documents. This was one of my projects that I did in this class. It was about the cash in America that one person could save or spend. This is another project that I did and it was about the money it would cost a basketball teem to get new uniforms. This is one of my favorites and I loved doing it. It is about what my handouts of Brochures would look like if I ownded a Dentistry!!! I liked doing this one too because it is filled with food and we got to learn about all kinds of gadjets and gismos!!! Working in word has helped me not get to behind with techology! This is a project we did so that we could learn how to make a Budget. This is my project i did. I had to write down my scheule and then plan it out on word. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous is all my projects that don't realy have to do with word or excel or any of that kind of stuff and I have a lot of projects that I did in it. This is one of the first projects that I did and it was about emotions on the internet. Emoticons are =) or ;). Calculating speed was just a fun project that we did. This one is called @ around the world. We learned how to use clipart. These are pics from the video that I did for my mom for mothers day. The Plow was another fun word project that I did. We had to do a Project about the Future too. We learned to make a video with photo story. Vampires do not exsist and I found this out cause of this graph. While doing this project about vampires I learned how to make a graph using Excel. Keyboarding I started the year typing with speeds of 14 words per minute. I can now type at a speed of 21 words per minute. And i have an accraccy of 85%!!!! I learned so much in technology. I have so much more knoledge ablout technology than when I started. I know how to use an excel spreadsheet, I know how to use a ton of gadgets on word. I know a ton of sites on the internet that help in word or excel. I know that I am going to be able to use all of this later in life.
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