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Victioria Isakson

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Abstinence

Abstinence is Awesome? "Well um...abstinence? I think it's a good thing." -Allie P. "Abstience is healthy" -Brandi Peter "Haha! It's personal beliefs." -Lindsey Ludwig "I believe if you are not ready
for the consequences than it's a good thing."
-Diff "It's never to late
to start."-Miranda Craft "What's abstinence?"
-Jacki Yakel What can cause an unhealthy relationship? Infidelity Trust issues
Damaged self-esteem Low Self Esteem Example: If someone has low self-esteem and are depressed the relationship will not last as long.No one wants to be with a person that will bring their own self esteem down and is not fun to be around. Abuse verbal
sexual Substance Abuse Lost of trust
Not the real you
Financial issues How do you build a healthy relationship? Commitment Not cheating
Spending time with each other
Getting to know each other emotionally. Learn to Work Through Conflict Hear both sides
Staying in control of your emotions Having the Time and Energy for the Relationship Stick with your plans
High priority
Make sure it's not a chore
Rested enough to make sure you're physically and emotionally healthy Building a Health Relationship Taking the time to get to know each other
Spending time together
No sexual pressures
No substance influence
Being comfortable around each other
Knowing the difference between infatuation and love What to look for in choosing a partner? High Self Esteem Someone who won't use you to feel better about themself
Positive influence on your personal self esteem
Are able to control their problems in a healthy way Not Involved in Other Relationships Don't want to get hurt
Easier to obtain STD's or STI's
Trust issues Have Time and Energy for the Relationship Don't have an extremely busy schedule
Make time for you
Want to be with you Haven't Recently Broken up with Another Partner Make sure they like you for you and not just a reminder of their last partner
Emotionally healthy and ready for a new committment
In good spirits No to Sex? Yes or No? Healthy Mature Committed Relationship Long term
Mutual Decision
Ready for consequences
Tested for STD's and STI's
Know each other beyond physical connection
Confident About the Other Person's Feelings Trust
No doubt in the relationship
Not infatuation Under Substance Abuse Alters perception
Leads to unhealthy relationships
Consequences are more likely to occur
May not even know the person
Mentally you haven't thought about what could happen
Emotions are leading the way
Not Ready for Consequences High School
Financially prepared
Emotionally ready
The posibility of becoming pregnant
Which One? Love or infatuation? Dealing with Conflict Conflict Detail: A couple wants to attend
after prom but she has a curfue
and doesn't want him to go alone.
She's worried that with other girls
there he might be tempted to cheat
on her.
Conflict Resolution: The couple agrees to comprimize
and talk it out.They decide to call her parents to ask if they could go to half of after prom and then go to her house
to watch movies. Dealing with Contraception Decision Making Process Both partners should agree
Consider how effective each one is
Compare multiple choices to find the best one for you Male Condoms 98% effective
Cheapest type of contraception
Easiest to obtain
Most commonly used Birth Control Pills 99.7% effective
Take it every day
Pill stops ovulation
Does not protect against HIV or AIDS The Patch Sticks to your skin releasing hormones
Easy to get with a prescription
$15-$50 a month
The patch is just as effective as the pill.
Change it about every month to three weeks.
????? Awareness of STD's and STI's Herpes 2 types HSV-1 and HSV-2
Both cause oral and genital infections
Direct contact
Incubation period of 2-7 days
No medical cures exist HIV
Body fluid contact
Virus invades white blood cells and destroys them.
After initial infection it spreads though the body in 4-11 days
Weakens immune system so the body can't fight off viruses
No medical cures exist Syphilis Transmitted through moist lesions
Most symptoms go unnoticed
Mainly effects sexually active people from 20- 29 years old
Antibiotics are helpful when treating syphilis Talk to Your Partner Before sexual activity get tested!
It's better to know before you end up with it. SO GET TESTED!!
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