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Teaching Online: 12 Things to Think About

Often knowing where to start is the toughest part of most tasks in life. From your first step as a baby, to riding a bike, writing a term paper, or starting a healthy lifestyle, the fact is, it is hard to get started.

Keith O'Neal

on 27 December 2017

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Transcript of Teaching Online: 12 Things to Think About

How do you...
interact w/students, engage, prompt?
serve up content or provide info? 
assess/evaluate: discussion, student work, quizzes, tests?

What works really well, what doesn't?
In the beginning...
Course Design...
- Presentation Software
Engaging Students...
- Video Lectures/Clips
- Synchronous Sessions
- Podcasts
- Voice Thread
- Wikis
- Infographics
- Web 2.0 Tools
Navigation should not require a Compass...
Get the T-Shirt...
Teaching Online: 12 Things to Think About
Get some Folgers in their cup
online office hours
well written directions for course requirements
clear expectations
explanations for FAQ's
address honor code/cheating
links to resources
Welcome message: Two to Three Weeks before start
Set the tone - set the expectations
Be the Example
Building a Course
who's there?
Faith Informed Learning Online
Be Flexible...
What could possibly go wrong?
Cheating me Cheats you...
"There is not a car in this parking lot that I can't open...

If a little is good...
...a lot must be BETTER?
Email Weekly Class Updates
Update news/bulletin board
Feedback on student work
Comment on the boards
Exceed student expectation
DON 'T abandon your course
Stay Creative
Keep the Flame Lit
Have them evaluate each others work
Ownership of their their Learning
Utilize the Boards
Play Discussion Tag
Google "Discussion Board Ideas"
Pose the questions...allow them to discuss answers
Stay Creative
Daily/weekly scripture on your news/bulletin board area with or without a few of your thoughts.
Ask each student to volunteer for a week to post devo thoughts on the General Discussion Board (social discussion board)
Start off synchronous sessions with prayer
Keep a prayer request list on your course home page for needs/request of students and their families/friends
Don't get burned out
Take everything in stride
Communicate & be proactive
Stick to "Office Hours"
...with a brick
Use webcams during testing (Tegrity)
Limit times when testing is available
Timed quizzes/exams
A Lockdown Browser?
Randomize Questions/pools of questions
Higher Order Thinking Questions
Turn in sections/chunks/rough drafts of large projects or papers
Make note that you randomly "Google" paper titles & excerpts
Exam Testing Providers
What is the purpose?
Don't let whiz, bang, boom, Drive!
Easy use or tutorial link/video needed?
Download Required?
Download time/ease of installation?
Take suggestions/learn from students
similar tool
allow use
you'll discover new tools.
Identify the need...then find the tool (not the opposite)
Try new things, expand comfort zone/knowledge base
Don't get frustrated
by the fact that what is
today will be
Embrace Discovery/Learning
Question: Ken Bain asks, how can you, as the instructor, stimulate deeper & more enthusiastic student learning?
The Promising Syllabus and/or Class Introduction
by: Keith W. O'Neal
Allow content to shape the course
"Walk in your students' shoes" ~Rosemary M. Lehman, Ph.D.
It's all in the Details
Be the Pacesetter
Fight off isolation by building community
Feelings of isolation
Lack of social interaction.
Lack of clarity in instruction direction or expectation
Lack of instructor participation during class discussion
Student failure to make contact with faculty
Inadequate contact with students by faculty
Lack of student and technology support
Frustration and disconnection
Technology disruption
Feelings of isolation
Lack of social interaction.
Frustration and disconnection
Technology disruption
Student failure to make contact with faculty
Inadequate contact with students by faculty
Lack of student and *technology support
Lack of instructor participation during class discussion
Lack of clarity in instruction direction or expectation
9 Reasons Online Students drop out
from: Rosemary M. Lehman, Ph.D.
"Motivating and Retaining Online Students:
Research-Based Strategies That Work"
9 Reasons Online Students drop out
Design with purpose
Address the issue...reduce the opportunity
Perfection is not something to be grasped
Be present
Never Responds
Rarely Responds
One Word - Responses
Minimal Response
Hook them don't cook them
"You don't teach a class, you teach a student." ~Ken Bain
In conclusion...don't let this be you...
Put one foot in front of the other!
Cultivate the habits of mind that lead to use of intellectual skills!
Guide students to challenge themselves.
Learning Objectives form the Foundation
Course LO's are measurable
Module/unit LO's tie back to course LO's
All LO's are written clearly and understandable to students'
Clear instructions on meeting LO's are given
LO's are designed for the level of the course
If you don't have solid Learning Objectives...you can't move forward, STOP, do not pass go, do not collect $200
Is your glass half full...or half empty
Sieze Opportunity
Keep it simple...keep it clear
...allow content to shape your course
Fight the Solitary Feeling
Universal Design
Get in the Learner's Shoes
Font Color/Size
All Content needs to be Accessible
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