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My first Prezi

14th January

Robert Albarda

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of My first Prezi

me ALL ABOUT ME My Family About my life About my pets About my ambition About my Friends About my school I am not an only child because i have 2 sisters one in 4 and is called Isabella and one is 5 and is called Hannah. I live with my two sisters, Step Dad and Mum. I have a Dad who lives in America and a step mom. I also have other family in America like a step grandad many step aunts. I also have a step cousin. I have a dutch grandad and grandma as well as four cousins and two aunts and two uncles. I am called Robert Peter-Paul Albarda and i was born in Tokyo, Japan after i lived in japan i moved to Dusseldorf, Germany then, after about three years i moved to Berlin in Germany. After that i moved to Atlanta in America i lived there for a couple months but then i moved to Rawdon, England i lived there for about a year until i moved back to Atlants, America. Then i moved back to Rawdon, England and then finally i moved to Harrogate, England. My Hobbies are: Lego, Football, Playing on my XBox, Playing on my DSi, Playing on my 3DS, Making lego animations, making movies, Playing on the computer, Watching Movies, playing benchball and finally seeing my dad. When i am older my three main career ambitions are: Being an astronaught, being a football player and my favorite option being a movie director. I want to be a Movie Director because i love making lego stop motion movies with my lego. After i make them when i go somewhere with internet i put my videos on youtube and one of my videos has 51 views another has 21 and another has 48! I really enjoy it and i hope to be one when i am older. I used to have a pet cat called Floppy. She was really nice and looked after us! Once a wild cat came into our garden in Berlin and Floppy faught it! But sadly she lost and she had to go to the vet, but the other cat had some serious scratches! I went to 3 schools and in those three i made many friends some of my best are: Eddie King (Bronte House) Jay Bangoo (Bronte House) Angus Graham- Rack (Ashville College) Simon Floyd (Ashville College) Jack Whiting (Ahville College) Thomas Rawson (Ashville College) Freddie Buckley (Ashville College) Louie Williams (Bronte House) Jake Fletcher-Stega (Bronte House) James Shoe smith-Evans (Bronte House) Joshua Barkly (Bronte House) When i lived in Germany i went to a nursery and after that i went to Bronte House School In England and after that i went to Ashville College in England. About my Hobbies
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