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coming of age on the house on mango street

By: Kai vincent & Daniel johnson

daniel johnson

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of coming of age on the house on mango street

coming of age coming of age definition coming of age is a young person transition from
childhood to adulthood. The main claim/Thesis Sandra Cisneros` novel, The House on mango Street is a coming of age novel because it talks about Esperanza`s childhood experiences that help her grow up. Evidence #1
coming of age chapter: Boys and girls justifications This quote reveals the learning and understanding
of how Esperanza and her sister are separate from the
Boys. Evidence#2
coming of age chapter; hips in the chapter , hips, Esperanza is noticing how her
body is changing. she is trying to learn how to adapt
to her bodily changes. justification according to this quote Esperanza is learning how
to change mentally and physically through life. An analysis of Sandra cisneros novel house on mango street . By: Kai Vincent
& Daniel Johnson In the chapter Boys and girls Esperanza is learning that the boys and girls keep to themselves quote: the boys and girls live in separate worlds the boys in there universe and we in ours quote: one day you wake up and the ( hips) are there. ready and waiting like a new Buick.
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