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No description

Sandy Leung

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Laughter

What is laughter? Physiological response to humor Bodies move What Happens When Laughing? Chemical called serotinin is released Face change Universal language we all share Breathing changes Why is Laughter the Best Medicine? Relieves stress Helps with the immune system Decreases high blood pressure 3 Theories of Laughter Relief Theory Incongruity theory
Superiority Theory Laugh at things that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsure
Releases tension when misfortune happens
to someone else people laugh when something
ridiculous happens send more oxygen into our tissues Releases endorphins
(bodies natural pain killers) improves function of
blood vessels and
increase blood flow
Relaxes body Real life situations how laughter is
the best medicine Laughter Yoga Movie: patch adams Patch Adam
healed patients through laughter
created the gusundeit institute

Job Shadow Experience
at the Pharmacy
Happy people are sick less
and crabby people are sick more often improves her job performance it's important to be humorous and
happy around patients offset job stress
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