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Miss Ogaki's Ideal Kindergarten Classroom

No description

Brittany Ogaki

on 5 July 2017

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Transcript of Miss Ogaki's Ideal Kindergarten Classroom

Ideal Kindergarten
Looks Like
Feels Like
Creating a strong classroom environment and dynamic, I believe is something that all teachers aspire to have in their classrooms. Creating this sought after feeling is easier said done in some classrooms. In my experiences, it is an ever changing dynamic in the classroom and therefore you are having to continuously build and foster this dynamic in your classroom all year long.

I hope that you will feel a sense of cohesiveness. What I mean by this is having a cohesive relationship between myself and my teaching partner, our students and any other person that may be involved in our day to day activities.

My hope is that all my students feel safe and a part of the classroom. I believe that this can be built through continuous work to show the children that you care about them and their well-being. Most children need to feel safe in order to feel that they can open up and share their thinking. I believe this can be created and maintained by supporting students learning by always encouraging their thinking and them sharing with their classmates. When a student has this sense of belonging, I know for me it truly makes me fall in love with teaching all over again.
Sounds Like
As I looked for pictures to include in this section, I found it difficult to find exactly what I was looking for. I realized that this was totally okay after about twenty minutes of searching because what I want my classroom to look like is going to be totally different from what another teacher may want.

Based on the experiences that I've had in kindergarten, I want to create an environment that allows for children to explore and follow their curiosity to where ever it may lead them.

I would have different learning centers set up with different literacy and numeracy activities. I would like to have a water and sand table to allow for exploration into the science curriculum. I believe that a drama center is a huge necessity with the inquiry approach and can lead to so many teaching opportunities. I would also like to have a Wonder Wall in my room to guide some of our inquiry.

I would totally have been the teacher to go in the week before school and decorate the classroom with your typical learning posters and wall displays. After watching the EduGAINS video on the learning environment and hearing from the teachers, that I know realize the importance of allowing students to be a part of this process to ensure they are feeling that they have contributed to their learning. I really liked when the teacher and ECE spoke about the alphabet and how they noticed that by allowing the students to create the pictures to display the different letters of the alphabet, it ultimately became a tool for them as they could now relate to it.

Ultimately, I want my classroom to have evidence of students learning all over the room. I want my students to be able to show off all of their learning in different ways and to be able to speak to anything that they learning about.
I am the type of person who thrives in a busy environment, and I believe kindergarten can be exactly that. A busy environment with a lot learning going on is definitely one way that you can see a kindergarten classroom sounding like. Now with that being said there is obviously a difference between busy focused chatting and out of control busy.

If students are engaged there is a smaller chance for behaviours to arise. When students are working in small groups at learning centers, I definitely want to hear my students asking each other about their learning and their findings. I would also expect to hear myself and my teaching partner prompting students with guided questions to promote more opportunities for learning. Questions that I would expect to hear would be: "what might happen if you....", "what might happen if....", "how do you know....", "Show me what you can do....".

The beautiful thing about inquiry based learning is the power we are giving our students to guide their learning and how they are learning. If you were to walk into my classroom these would be some of the things you would hear.
Miss Ogaki's Ideal
Kindergarten Classroom

When thinking about my ideal kindergarten classroom, the first word that comes to my mind is exploration! I believe that any classroom needs to foster growth, creativity and continuity. Join me on this journey through my ideal kindergarten classroom!
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