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Teagan Crum

No description

Health 7

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Teagan Crum

My Hero:
Quality #1: Trust
Quality #2: Caring
Quality #3: Selfless
My Hero:

Quality #4: Generous
Quality #5: Thoughtful
Advice From My Hero
Question #1
What advice can you give me about
making personal decisions in life?
"It's better to be honest, and what goes around comes around.

Question #2
What should I do to resist peer pressure?
"Be true to yourself, and don't let others tell you what to do."

Question #3
Who is your hero? Why?
"My grandmother, because she is so strong. She had a lot of kids and still took in foster kids, raised them alone, and still got a college degree."

My Mom
My mom is trustworthy because I know I can trust my mom with anything. One example of this is she has kept my secrets from other family members when I asked.
My mom is caring because cares a lot about me and my siblings. She goes out of her way for us. She shows this because she would leave work if someone was sick at school.
My mom is selfless because she always puts my brother, sister, and I first. For example, when we can't find gloves or hats in the morning she gives us hers.
My mom is generous because she gives so much to my family. One example is Christmas any year, she gives so much.
My mom is very thoughtful. She is thoughtful because she cares for us and thinks of us a lot. For example, she makes us tea or buys something from the gas station when she can't pick us up at our bus stop, and worries about us at work.
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