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The Power of Art: Art as Social Activism

For Saturday School- Spring 2011

Melissa Clouser

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of The Power of Art: Art as Social Activism

the POWER of Art:
Art as Social Activism (def):
to bring
change "The way I see it, it's no good
hiding yourself away...
And it's no good just thinking
of your own pleasure,
either. People got to do
something useful if they're
going to take up space
in the world."
-Tuck Everlasting Banksy Forms of
Activism Your Challenge Create an artwork
[using the
technique] that
conveys a message
about something you
think needs to be
changed. Consider: what size block? what color(s)? will you use words? 1 block for image,
1 block for text? whatever you CARVE OUT...
will be WHITE what shape block? LET'S GET
STARTED! irony: to convey a meaning
that is the opposite
of its literal meaning contrasting
images graffiti artist,
political activist,
painter stencilling
technique why? works on streets,
wall, bridges, etc
around the world identity
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